Yes? Then I am ready to help you! I've taken my expertise, experience, and proven mental training techniques I've been teaching for over 20 years and made them all available to you right here online. Browse courses, upcoming events, free downloads, and more to get started.


Mental Trainer and Hypnotist


I have worked for over 20 years with Olympic, Team USA, and Hall-of-famer athletes in many different sports disciplines to perfect their mental game when competing.


I have taken years of hypnosis practice helping a vast array of clients in both the private and public spheres and put it into my revolutionary customizable mobile app, 

Mind Mastered.


As the owner of Amelia Shotgun Sports, all in-person events for my Mind Training School take place at my shotgun club in Yulee, FL near beautiful Amelia Island.


I have worked for years with local charitable organization, Joy To The Children, and am proud to say I am now the president. Each year we provide warm meals, gifts, and a safe place to celebrate the holidays to families in need.


My debut non-fiction book, 7 Strokes In 7 Days, is a culmination of stories, tips, and knowledge from years working with golfers on the PGA Tour. Released in Fall 2020 and available now, it is the perfect introduction to my mobile app, Mind Mastered.


My groundbreaking new mobile app, Mind Mastered, gives you access to customizable hypnosis audios while on-the-go. No matter where you're traveling, you'll be able to decompress, focus, and stay energized with my revolutionary invention.

Listen to Dawn Grant's Interview on Behind The Break, The Ultimate Clay Target Podcast, Now!



It's time to even the playing field!

The world's top competitive athletes have undeniable skill and talent. But behind their mechanical brilliance is an even more impressive mental prowess. Great athletes succeed because they know how to stay at the top of their game mentally.

The exciting news is you don't have to be competing for a gold medal to benefit from training your mind. My proven techniques and resources are for those seeking optimal performance in sports and in life.

There are endless benefits to training your mind to tune out distractions, reduce stress and anxiety, increase confidence, build focus and attention span, and boost stamina.

I'll show you how to master all of these things with my online courses, Mind Training School events, free downloads, and tons of resources.


Maybe your goal is to reach the top of your game as an athlete. Or maybe you want to lose weight and lead a healthy life by making the right nutrition decisions. Or maybe you need to overcome fear and anxiety that are holding you back from living your life to its fullest potential. No matter what you are seeking to overcome and master, I can help you.

The lessons in my Clay Shooters Online course and my Athlete's Mind Game Mastery course have helped professional and Olympic shooters master their mind, perfect their craft, and take home the gold.

My Stress-Free, Mindful Living course and Weight Loss and Wellness course have helped countless individuals lose weight, get healthy, and replace fear and doubt with confidence and happiness.


Calm Confidence

Total Focus

Quiet Mind

Positive Mindset

Less Stress




Who Can Benefit from Mind Training and Hypnosis?


My work has taken me to the golf courses of the PGA Tour over the years, where competing golfers used my mind training techniques as an integral part of their golf game. As I worked with them, my training techniques proved to increase the earnings from their winnings on average over 219%.

I've taken the knowledge gained while on the PGA tour, the stories along the way, and the tips and secrets of my Mind Training techniques and put them into my latest a release, my book 7 Strokes in 7 Days.

It is packed with valuable information for anyone looking to take control of their mind, and it's a great introduction to my new mobile app, Mind Mastered.


My Mind Training methods wouldn't be complete without featuring moments of quiet reflection and clarity. As a mental trainer and hypnotist, I have a deep understanding of why it is so important those two disciplines work together to create a well-rounded experience.

Now athletes, business professionals, college students, and anyone seeking a way to overcome anxiety and learn how to calm the chatter in their mind so they can focus on what matters can practice my proven techniques on-the-go.

Mind Mastered is my revolutionary customizable hypnosis audio app that makes guided meditation a breeze even when life is busy. 


Your own personal mind training learning experience without ever having to leave your home.

These days, online courses offer a safe and efficient way for individuals to learn, grow their skill set, and improve their life. Because of this, my mind training techniques are available to anyone looking for help right here online. 

Access my complete Clay Shooter's Online Course, Weight Loss and Wellness online course, Stress-Free, Mindful Living online course, and Athlete's Mind Game Mastery online course, all without the hassle of having to leave your home.

These programs are also offered as Live events at Dawn Grant Mind Training School or abroad. See our Calendar for details.


While I have several courses available right here online, I also still enjoy teaching my proven techniques in-person. My shotgun course, Amelia Shotgun Sports, has become the hub for all of my in-person training events. Browse our regularly scheduled upcoming events and RSVP to clinics, retreats, and workshops via our Calendar. For more information about my club visit,

My in-person events range from one-day to week-long immersive events covering all aspects of mind training. When you attend one of my workshops or retreats, you'll receive a vast amount of resources and tons of hands-on training techniques you'll be able to take with you and use long after the event is over. 

Interested in having me speak for your next corporate event or business function abroad? I will gladly take my Mind Training School events on the road and bring them to you.


"I love that I have the honor everyday of helping people make profound positive changes."

Since 1994, I have been professionally helping people overcome life's challenges, enabling them to achieve their goals, obtain personal fulfillment and live their ideal life. With an obvious passion for my work I have had the honor of working with clients from around the globe.

The years of experience working one-on-one with clients who were dealing with some of life's greatest challenges fed nicely into training for athletes, when in 2007 I was sought out by PGA Tour Pros. Since then I have been working full-time with mainstream and elite athletes. 

My work has time-proven results, with PGA Tour Pros averaging a 219% increase in earnings after our work together.

I'm also proud to say that in 2008, I helped PGA Tour Pro Vijay Singh with a mental shift that contributed to his 2 FedEx Cup Layoff Wins and his earning of the 2008 FedEx Cup Championship.

After decades of helping people in private sessions on a full time basis, I have created highly effective training programs unlike any others in the world. Not only will you be amazed at your improvement, you will likely be shocked at how these techniques positively affect all aspects of your life, not just the one you originally sought to master. 

Dawn chats about her history and techniques
as a Mental Trainer


Vijay Singh

Kayle Browning

Laura Diaz

"This is the World's Best Putter. What a week! Especially for me. I'm just thankful for what happened last week and I am grateful for the sessions we had. I was following instructions very well and it paid off. I am very, very positive at this moment of my life in every way and form. I do read all the info that you have given to me and it plays an important role in the way I think, so that you for that."

-Vijay Singh, PGA Tour Professional Golfer, 2008 FedEx Cup Champion, 34 PGA Tour Wins, Hall of Fame Inductee

"Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. You're such an inspiration to me. There's no way I could make it to where I am right now if it wasn't for your help! I appreciate you so much, thank you!"

-Kayle Browning, Pro USA Shooting Athlete (International Bunker Trap- Shotgun Event), 2020 Olympian, 2012 U.S. Olympic Team alternate, Multiple World Cup and National Medalist, Former National Champion, National Record Holder, World Record Holder, World Champion Gold Medalist - Team Event, Owner of Cypress Creek Lodge, Professional Shotgun Coach, Beyond the Podium Podcast Host

"Working with Dawn Grant was really eye opening and exciting for me. She taught me how to self-hypnotize and get into a place where I could perform my best. I believe everyone can learn a lot about themselves from working with Dawn, I know that I did."

-Laura Diaz, LPGA Professional Golfer, 2 PGA Tour Wins



The more motivated you are for change, the more you will participate in my training.

The more you participate in my training, the more you will experience the kind of results you desire.

The more you experience the kind of results you desire, the more motivated you will be to stick to your changes and the greater the success you will have.

You have the ability within you to experience great achievements!

I bet your are sick and tired of being sick and tired, of putting forth your best efforts only to get mediocre results.

You are not alone. Many people feel this way!

I am committed to helping you be the best in your sport and in your life! When it comes to your mental game, you really can't address one and not the other.

My unique programs actually train you to have peak performance and outcomes all while having genuine fun.

If you are ready for positive and profound changes with winning results, then I am ready to help you experience them. 




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