Go With the Flow, Play Your Own Game

April 20, 2015

allsportsIn order to peak your performance in any sport, you need to practice. That’s right. I said it. The dreaded “P” word. But it’s true. To hone in on your skills, you have to work at the mechanics. However, so little time is spent on the one big mechanic, your mind. Your mental skills need to be equivalent to that of your physical skills in order to peak your performance. Your mind will muck it up if it’s not in the right frame. The mental side is extremely important. When you practice mental skills, you will increase your ability to play. I like to use affirmations from my hypnosis audios to help you get on the right path towards mental training. Today’s suggestion is: “I start every single round with a clear mind & confident- ready to go with the flow– I apply knowledge I have gained along the way- I play my own game & get creative.”

Start every round with a clear mind. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. It is not only every round but really, its each time you approach your next shot. Don’t come in to your game with any expectations. That is when your mind will find a way to muck it up. Prior to any event, learn how to clear your mind.

In any game, or sport, or tournament, your level of confidence can determine the outcome of practically every action you perform. Having a strong confidence in yourself will increase your brain’s potential for success. I know it sounds silly, but confidence is imperative.

Did you ever find yourself in a tight situation and think to yourself: “Alright, the way I see it, I can either get angry or go with the flow.” The “go with the flow” technique will freak people out sometimes. Having the capacity to just take every moment and get through it is really a big step in the right direction of peaking your performance. This is a positive energy that will have your competitors wanting to know just what it is about you that has given you the upper hand. Make sense? It is a forceful and powerful energy that is quite noticeable. This is an ego-driven mindset, but it needs to be controlled. If it is not controlled, it will crumble at the outside forces, such as, environment factors, varying degrees of your competitors, how well you slept, etc. To be present in the moment and go with the flow is putting yourself in a calm state of mind but with confidence.

To apply the knowledge that you have learned along the way is to gather all the times things did and did not turn out how you expected. It is taking those times and learning from them, growing from them. Typically, people are so used to getting upset about a bad putt or a missed target that they get frustrated and angry, instead of looking at it and thinking how they can improve the next time. Being able to dissect your play-by-play and use that to your advantage will ensure your mental strength as a competitor in any arena.

We learn a lot each day of our lives. We are constantly evolving. Each day, you make constant learning experiences for yourself. Maybe you should have handled an employee better, maybe you should have called your loved-one. It’s little things like the choices we make each and every day that have the greatest impact for growth. Our brains can process information in ways we cannot fathom.

Playing your own game will take your confidence and knowledge and take it to a whole other level. This now becomes, YOUR game. Take ownership of it. Trust in your abilities. Block out other golfers, shooters, or competitors. Focus your mind on playing YOUR game. Don’t look at a club your competitor picked up and say to yourself “Oh, man, why didn’t I think of that one…” Instead, keep your mind locked on your game alone. This will allow your mind to place your confidence, knowledge, skills, and creativity all in one basket. That basket will pack a powerful punch. Play the game that is powerful for you. You understand your ability, your creativity. Setting those elements and pulling everything together will help your mental game.

“I start every single round with a clear mind & confident- ready to go with the flow– I apply knowledge I have gained along the way- I play my own game & get creative.” This suggestion is here for you to help you peak your performance. Break it apart, write a list for each leg of the suggestion and learn about yourself, your skills, your abilities, and your creativity. Thanks for reading. InJoy your day!

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