Clay Shooting USA Magazine Article About Dawn: What’s In Your Head

posted on October 22, 2013 by Dawn Grant

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Published in Clay Shooting USA Magazine June-July 2013, Journal 66 What’s in Your Head

More and more shooters are reaching a level of competency that was only dreamed of 10 years ago – it’s now tough to stand out in the crowd. Technique has been honed and method polished until it gleams. So, where do you find that elusive other target or two? You can only change guns and gear so many times while chasing more targets, so what’s holding us back?

Go look in the mirror. That handsome (beautiful) face staring back at you may be your biggest enemy, with your mind constantly stealing Xs off your scorecard. The old grey matter is really trying to help, but the truth of the matter is that the conscious mind, which can’t get the job done, will only screw up the subconscious mind, which can (if prepared properly) do it with aplomb.

Sports psychology started creeping on the scene in the early 1900s. Lanny Bassham (who regularly writes for this magazine) can arguably be given credit for
bringing the concept to the modern shooting world. Another name has recently come on the scene and is quickly gaining a following. Dawn Grant started her professional hypnotherapy career working with familiar issues – weight loss, smoking cessation, mental wellness and such. A chance encounter introduced her to the vagaries of a golfer’s mind. That led to her expanding her practice into golf, other athletic endeavors and eventually shooting.

Unlike most others working in the mental training field of our sport, Dawn uses hypnotherapy to help achieve her treatment goals. Some of us may be reluctant to consider being hypnotized, but Dawn is quick to point out that a subject under hypnosis won’t do anything he or she considers wrong. Of course, a credible therapist wouldn’t consider suggesting anything questionable anyway. The therapy is aimed at allowing a subject to maximize his or her potential by eliminating the quirks of human nature that inhibit optimal performance – be it fear of failing, a lack of confidence, selfconsciousness, anger issues et al.

The ultimate goal is to get rid of all the ‘chatter’ going on in the conscious mind. By the time you call ‘pull’, you are thinking of, under the best of circumstances, nothing. Eliminating conscious thought is a prerequisite to visiting the fabled ‘zone’. The more one understands the process and practices the methods, the easier the trip to the ‘zone’ becomes. The best may not be there all the time – but they get there more frequently than most of us.

Inherent in Dawn’s training is teaching self-hypnosis. Much like a shooting lesson, mental training has to be practiced regularly. And, just like that shooting lesson, those that work at it the most are likely to benefit the most. Though not a shooter, Dawn has worked with enough shooters that she has a developed a thorough understanding of the game. She has worked with Wendell Cherry and John Woolley since 2010 and they are happy to offer their names in endorsement. Both refer students they think will benefit from Dawn’s expertise. If you know Woolley and Cherry, you know that isn’t done lightly.

It’s no secret that Dawn has begun a marketing effort directed at shooters, occasionally posting on shotgun chat rooms. Some of the responses would be sort of entertaining if they weren’t so off base. Hypnotherapy is no different than any other technique. You have to trust it and practice it to get the benefit. Some will benefit more than others. Dismissing it summarily is short-sighted.

Does Dawn teach techinques that can’t be learned somewhere else? Perhaps not – but during the time I visited with her, it was obvious she is quite committed to what she does and she understands what shooters want to accomplish. Her communication skills are excellent and her demeanor will make most anyone comfortable as can be. Trust is essential and easy to come by.

You can find out much more about Dawn, her philosophy and methodology at her website ( She lives on the north Florida coast, but offers video and audio coaching programs that are available to shooters anywhere. (They can be reviewed on her site as well.) Rest assured, she will be on the shooting scene for years to come. Aside from her expertise and the performance benefit she can help shooters achieve, she has found that she enjoys working with shooters – because they are such nice folks. I told you, this Lady is sharp!

You can see the Original Clay Shooting USA Magazine Article here: What’s in Your Head

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Clay Shooting USA Magazine Article About Dawn: What’s In Your Head posted on October 22, 2013 by Dawn Grant

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