Golf Confidence Hypnosis

posted on January 23, 2013 by Dawn Grant

Increase your confidence in your golf game with Mental Trainer Dawn Grant

Your level of confidence can either make or break your golf game. It doesn’t matter how much you have practiced or how great your swing is… if you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, you are setting yourself up for failure. An increase in confidence will give you an added advantage because it gives you the ability to be your best and play at your best. Using the powerful tool of hypnosis, Dawn guides you gently into this relaxed, familiar state where you are able to access the subconscious programming of your mind. Here, you are able to uncover your true golfing potential and the resources you already have for a more consistent game of golf. If you are ready for a power boost to your golf confidence, this package will give you what you need to get there!

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  • Abelardo Gonzalez says:

    I used to be a 5 handicap and for the past 2 years my game has come to a frustrating one
    because i started to SHANK most of my irons.
    I am 62 years young (old) in good health condition and fitted, I have taken a lot of lessons
    to try to fix this condition, and works for a while then all of a sudden boom there it goes again.
    I have been thinking to go to a local therapist to help me, but then I saw your page in the internet,
    and would like to know how it works,and what are the pros and cons, and specially how can hypnotize

    Best regards.

    • Dawn Grant says:

      Hi Abelardo, great to hear from you!
      It sounds like you have been mainly addressing the mechanics and not doing much work on the mental aspects of the game. You are having short term success when you make mechanical changes because the new skill sets are temporarily occupying your conscious mind… keeping it busy rather than it wreaking havoc (which it can be soooo good at… in the form of negative, fear based chatter). For long term, consistent performance the mental game MUST be addressed or it will continue to trump the mechanics and put you at a disadvantage.

      The method and process I take clients through is 100% unique. It is based on my personal experience as a hypnotherapist over the last 13 years, and my work with elite athletes since 2007.
      I would be happy to work with you… as you may know, I have been working extensively with golfers and clay shooters for several years now with great success. 90% of my clients live abroad and, therefore, we do many/most of their sessions via phone or skype.

      My approach is comprehensive and sequential, you would gain not only understanding but on-going familiarity and mastery over the mental skills

      One of the aspects that makes my training unique is my comprehensive understanding of the subconscious due to my training in, and use of, hypnosis.

      Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are used by me in many ways, here are some examples:
      To familiarize clients with, and build skills in:
      • noticing tension in the body and releasing it
      • noticing negative, limiting, analytical thoughts of the mind and releasing them
      • an Invisible Tool Belt of mental skills
      • going from ‘trying to hard’ to ‘allowing to happen’
      • training your mind to be more focused and present
      • going from feeling like a victim of your mind/thoughts to mastery over them
      • trusting your subconscious and the abilities you have
      • your natural ability to be in The Zone state

      Email me at if you want more info or are ready to get started!

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Golf Confidence Hypnosis posted on January 23, 2013 by Dawn Grant

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