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Clay Shooting: Gun Mount in Front Technique Hypnosis

Included In Purchase:

  • “Intro To The Mind” Video
  • Clay Shooting: Gun Mount In Front Technique Hypnosis MP3 Audio

Incorporated in Hypnosis Suggestions:

  • Immediately experiencing a sacred space when stepping into a station, feeling fully present and calm, confident and trusting
  • Ready to set stance, vshape with feet separated, weight dispersed properly, posture erect, visualize points and breaking birds
  • Attention to gun, connected while loading, grip correct, gun start point, trigger contact triggers confidence, faith, presence and calmness
  • Tell eyes what details they are going to see, they’ll lock in on target, gathering details for subconscious processing
  • Move one speed and tempo, trusting visual input and coordination, fire when target clear and gun hits face

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