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Clay Shooting Online Course 201: Knowledgeable


Clay Shooting Mental Training 101: The Foundation


2 Months of Weekly Virtual Classes which includes 8 Classes, each running between 1 to 1 1/2 hours each.

Course 201 Includes:

Module 2: Be Consistent Now
1. Escape Limitations
2. Focus: Stop Your Wandering Mind
3. Lock In On Targets
4. Your Thoughts Have Power, Use Them For An Advantage

Module 3: Focused And Proficient: Skills to Get You There
1. The Focus Loop: 4 Step Process
2. Ah, The Calm, Quiet Mind: Why Complaining And Avoiding Doesn’t Work
3. Proficiency And Peak Performance: 6 Elements You Must Have
4. Unstoppable: Positive Thinking And Visualization Used Effectively


The program series is taught by Video Recording of Dawn’s Training Instruction, with accompanying Slide Presentation.

Slides for note keeping are provided for each class as PDF Downloads.

It is recommended that you view 1 class a week, while practicing the suggested Homework between classes. This is the most efficient way for you to undergo the Training Process and gain Mastery over the Teachings, Methods and Mental Skills.

You can do this program from the luxury of your living room or office, and at your convenience.

*Important* Please DO NOT watch all the classes back-to-back over a day or two… this would not allow for the Techniques to become Mastered and would not give you the best use of your investment.

Also, DO NOT purchase Course 201 unless you have completed Course 101, since each class builds on the previous classes. You will have minimum understanding of Course 201 without the previously taught lessons and skill sets.


What you will learn in Clay Shooting Mental Training 201: Knowledgeable:

  • What truly causes anxiety and stress, and how to effectively release them
  • Defense mechanisms that could prolong your shooting problems
  • How the type of conversations you have with fellow shooters and your instructor can either help or hinder your game
  • 6 Channels of Conscious Mind
  • The many difference causes of a distracted mind and lack of focus
  • Achieving “Better Focus,” the real way
  • Ending your attention deficit
  • The Focus Loop mental tool
  • Fear based thinking: worries, doubts, regrets, negative expectations
  • How your body reacts to fear and its immediate effects on your performance
  • Skills to eliminate your fear based thinking
  • How complaining about or avoiding shooting situation and certain other shooters can actually be hidden contributor to poor performance
  • Steps towards enjoying shooting again
  • 6 Elements to Peak Performance
  • Most of your competition will work on 1 Element and expect to shoot well, you will learn the other 5 elements that your winning performance depends upon
  • Building Confidence vs tearing it down… there are many ways to build Confidence beside just winning, you will learn them
  • Proper Positive Thinking and Visualizations, because there are tons of ‘experts’ teaching Positive Thinking and Visualizations… much of which doesn’t work or can even set you up for greater disappointment
  • Clay Shooting Hypnosis audios discounted 25%


Follow up with this course:

Course 301 Proficient


What others are saying about Dawn’s Online Courses:

“I thought the 201 course was excellent.  It explains a lot of what I’ve experienced, good and bad, in my years of shooting and it’s starting to sharpen my focus on what I need to improve.  Some of those things I’ve always done well, and others not so much.” -M.M


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