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Dawn Grant Mind Training School

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Comprehensive, in-person approach to mind mastery. Taking place at Dawn's club, Amelia Shotgun Sports in Yulee, FL, and offering a deep dive into mind training. Scheduled year-round and providing a personal approach to learning all the techniques you'll need to master your mind and take control of your life.

2 Hour Lectures

3-Day Clinics

6-Day Workshops

10-Day Retreats

More than just a 2-hour talk. Dawn takes a hands-on approach to her seminars as she teaches the fundamentals of her Mental Training techniques. Dawn will teach you how to find The Zone and harness it to empower your life.

A multi-day dive into Mind Training. Dawn leaves no stone unturned as she teaches the fundamentals of her Mental Training techniques, the science behind them and how to apply them to your life.

Truly a unique and transformative experience. Dawn covers her entire Mind Training System over the course of a week-long series of talks, demonstrations, and exercises.

Transformational retreats focus on the mind training skills and techniques you need to have genuine peace of mind and the ability to consistently enjoy your life. Finally learn how to break free from fear, regrets and worries.

Motivational Speaking & Coaching Abroad

Available Throughout US & Abroad

Dive deep into mind training, gain material, resources, knowledge and techniques to continue practicing and implementing every day in order to see continued improvement. Taking place at a venue of your choosing.


Online Courses

5 Month Training Program

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Dawn has limited time to do private sessions.

She encourages customers to look into her highly effective online courses, lectures, clinics, workshops, retreats, hypnosis downloads and video library subscription for assistance in making powerful, positive changes.

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