I’ve been using your audio products for a year and they’ve really helped me. I’m a AA class competitive sporting clays shooter. I was in a slump for over a year and was considering quitting when your products were suggested to me. Using your products has allowed me to turn my game around.  I’ve shot the highest scores of my career and I couldn’t be happier with the products. Thank you for your help, it’s been amazing.

John Ditmore


I am a healthcare professional who was working in the Fernandina Beach area in late 2010-early 2011. I was recommended to you after being in the area for a month for helping to break a bad habit I had (nail biting). After meeting you, I had the sense that you would be able to help me in some way – perhaps through the calming presence I thought you had. We did 3 private sessions which were tremendously helpful and eye opening. Since then, I’ve had a much more open mind about relaxation, helping myself, and attempting to create good habits for myself. Any initial doubt about “hypnosis” was immediately cast away after our first and second sessions. I still read your emails and positive affirmations which help brighten my day/week. It is nice to reflect back on those sessions, even being in the medical field where alternative treatments aren’t always welcome or recommended. I would highly recommend Dawn to any of my friends struggling with a variety or personal, social, or habitual issues. I do appreciate what you’ve done for me and hope you continue to give your gift to others.

Matt K. Ewald


“Thank you SO much for everything that you have done for me. Your such an inspiration to me. There’s no way I could make it to where I am right now if it wasn’t for your help! I appreciate you so much, thank you!”

Kayle Browning, Champion Women’s Trap Shotgun, 2012 U.S. Olympic Team alternate, Bronze 2012 ISSF World Cup London, Bronze 2011 Pan American Games


“Dawn completed an enjoyable, informative presentation for my leadership team. Everyone was engaged, had fun, and learned a lot. She covered aspects of self hypnosis as they relate to improved performance and production. Both did improve afterwards. Dawn also formed lasting relationships with several people present and those continue today. I recommend Dawn.”

Kathleen Heck, President at The Croyance Group, LLC


“I wanted to share my learning from the shoot I attended in Michigan last weekend. I came second in my class in sporting with a mediocre start and a gradually improving performance. Just kept working and enjoying.  Since I have been using the hypnotic CD’s , I feel that I am becoming more attuned to the level of stress felt at any given time and even what seems to be causing it.  This whole study is adding a dimension of additional pleasure to my shooting.”

Barry, Competitive Clay Shooter


I started working with Dawn after encountering a “slump” in my performance
in sporting clays. I knew that it was more mental than fundamentals.
I had heard of Dawn from John Woolley and others in the sporting clays
community. Working with Dawn for 6 months improved my mental process. She
understands and explains in understandable terms the dynamics of what our
minds are wrestling with as we prepare to step into the shooting stand, our
pre-shoot routine and as we call for the targets.  Thank you Dawn.

Sam Gallagher


I didn’t want to start the second online course without giving you my feedback on the first one.  You hit so many of my buttons it was ridiculous. I first used your “In The Zone” audio in the summer of 2013.  It helped tremendously right away at a big regional shoot in Minnesota. I’m really pleased with your presentation and the content of the classes so far and I’m looking forward to the next series.



“Dawn Grant is the go to person for hypnosis and or coaching. I have worked with her personally and i have sent clients of mine to her. Her professionalism is without pear. She gets the job done.”

James P Ryan, Consulting Hypnotist and Educator


“Dawn has helped PGA TOUR Pro Ted (Purdy) with his whole game, really. I’ve seen Ted work with sports psychologists and the difference with Dawn was she put him in the hypnotic state, and was able to go back to things that were really deep-rooted in his mind about his confidence level… that’s really where she focused. I think what Dawn’s really brought to the table is finding the root of the problem mentally, confidence-wise, and letting him go out and be able to perform at the best of his ability.” 

Mark Winkley, PGA Golf Instructor with Golf Digest School, 2012 South West Section PGA Teacher Of The Year


“If you are searching for a unique speaker who can generate excitement and value for your employees or customers, I highly recommend Dawn Grant. Her presentation on self awareness and personal empowerment was one of the most unique speeches that we have ever heard. Our people could not stop talking about her ideas and concepts – they were clearly fired up and very appreciative of what Dawn shared with them. She is reasonably priced, personable, relevant and powerful.”

Matthew Tully, Senior Vice President of Marketing


“Dawn saved my life. Dawn has an amazing and unique ability to listen to what you want and need, then helps you obtain those goals. She is professional and very knowledgeable in her field. After spending time with Dawn, I walked away a completely new, positive, and energized person. Dawn taught me to see what I want and how to go after it. I have no doubt that she can help anyone overcome their obstacles and fulfill their desires and wishes for an exciting, happy and prosperous life.”

Tracy Riley, LCSW, Founder and Owner of The Adoption Authority and New Hope Family Services


“Dawn is very knowledgable and professional and I would recommend her to everyone. Dawn changed my life by helping me open my mind to the power of positive thinking.”

Sean McNeil, Real Estate Sales Associate


I’m just a part time/recreational Sporting competitor and Dawn’s audio has been a big help in more than just my shooting. They have helped me to stay focused,clam and confident in my every day life as well as on the course. Highly recommend them,give them a try I think you will pleased with how they help. 🙂



“I have complete confidence this will allow me to reach my full potential. The consistency and progression of the messages and information provided has created a tremendous amount of awareness – which has been instrumental in creating positive change – in me individually but most importantly as a group it has become magnified, reinforcing our acceptance of change. Dawn Rocks!”

Kathy Crowder, Sales Manager


“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I really enjoy your inspirational messages. Thank you; and by the way it has now been over 16 months of no alcohol for me thanks to you, AA and a new lease on life that I credit you for as well. Life is good! Thanks again.”



The mental tools that Dawn has helped me to develop have become an essential part of my training and racing  Any endurance athlete who neglects the mental game is missing out achieving their full potential. -6x Ironman Finisher-Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier

Drew Heideman


I purchased a set of tapes from Dawn about preparing for the round of golf, specifically my mental state and what I was anticipating for the day, the tape encouraged me to believe that 30 putts were possible, other parts of the game are possible, but if we don’t really believe it, it’s hard to improve. I’m grateful for Dawn’s efforts in improving my mental game on the course.

David, Santa Rosa, California


“Dawn is a dedicated tireless professional I would highly recommend. We have worked together for years on several charity programs and I was impressed with her commitment to getting the job done! I would highly recommend her for any endeavor.”

Mike Bowling, Owner and Inventor of Pound Puppies, Inc


“I have been working with Dawn since 2010. With the help of her mental training and hypnosis I have been able to see a difference in my mental game. I have been able to win 2 World FITASC Silver Individual Medals. I have won a Silver Medal at the World English along with 2 Bronze Medals as well. I am always looking forward to our next session.”

John Woolley, Multiple World Champion at FITASC and Sporting Clay Shooting, Nationals, Team USA, World Renowned Instructor


“Dawn Grant is doing great work. She goes directly to the part of the mind where the problem exists and corrects it; which leads to freedom.”

Bob Proctor, Best Selling Author “You Were Born Rich,” Contributor and Teacher “The Secret”


“Working with Dawn Grant was really eye opening and exciting for me. She taught me how to self hypnotize and get into a place where I could perform my best. I believe everyone can learn a lot about themselves from working with Dawn, I know that I did.”

Laura Diaz, LPGA Professional Golfer, 2 LPGA Tour Wins


I learned a lot about how my brain works from Dawn, especially how to control my thoughts and body while shooting. The breathing technique has helped tremendously. While working with her, I co-incidentally was asked to come out of a long retirement to ride in a horse race at Pimlico the day before the Preakness (big crowd, real race, real race horses, real ambulance following the race). I was terrified, but her breathing technique helped relax and calm my body and therefore the horse, too! And I won the race!



“Imagination, dedication, commitment and creativity are a few words that come to mind when I think of Dawn’s gift. She helps people remove the blocks enabling them to find their best self. Dawn does this by creating a safe place that opens you to the tools that empower you to accept success. Her creative approach adapts to the needs of her clients, Dawn helped us make the necessary paradigm shift needed for one of our organizations leadership groups. I highly recommend Dawn if you’re looking for a partner to help you and your organization be open to all the possibilities for growth.”

Ralph Massella, South Atlantic Division President at Prospect Mortgage


“Thank you so much for the session… really, thank you for your impressive talents! You are truly gifted in your art, and deserving of the many great things to come at your next level. Our session left me with clarity and confidence as I continue on the path to my next level.”



“I placed first in class A FITASC at the Caribbean Cup, and second in class A FITASC Gator Cup. Since I started your online course 5 months ago, I have gone from A class to AA class. Your system and classes really work well for me.”



“Dawn is great for golfers and for me in particular because I sometimes can be too negative on myself and my game. Working with her has helped me discover the root of that negativity in myself, and work to remove that from my mind. That allows me to free up mentally and play up to my own potential without limiting myself with negativity.”

Will MacKenzie, PGA TOUR Professional Golfer, 2 PGA TOUR Wins


“Dawn has helped my several times with issues I have needed to overcome. Working with Dawn has been very successful and I am grateful to her for her skill.”

Glen Ann Hagemann, Owner, RESQ Associates and Pharmaceuticals Consultant


“Dawn was a joy to work with. She helped me overcome some problems I was having by finding the root of the problem and to help me reaffirm my own value and also to learn some relaxation techniques which I can do on my own and that REALLY WORK!!”

Sandra Baker-Hinton, Artist and President Amelia Island Artists Workshop


I have been using the Pre-shot Routine mp3 and it has helped me increase my tournament average by 4 birds.

Jamie Blanton


Dawn Grant is fun to work with.  She is easy to talk with and then… Boom, she says something so powerful and profound.  You realize you are standing right next to your block.  Dawn has a gentle but firm way to face it down and help you understand where that has affected so many facets of you life. You think you are going in to work on a shot, to lose weight, quit smoking or other ‘symptoms’, but you come away a better person.



I found Dawn through an internet search and brief phone interview.  I am a physician with a busy schedule and was intererested in improving both my trap shooting and golf game.  I initially thought it would be as easy as purchasing a customized hypnosis video.  As I spoke with Dawn it became clear to me that is would not be that simple.  I elected to purchase a 12 session private course with Dawn.  I soon realized that the issues I had with Trap and golf spilled over into my every day life.  I found the sessions to be extremely beneficial and am already experiencing improved scores. I also was sketical at first with using facetime but after a few minutes it was like being in the same room as Dawn.  As an added benefit I am on my way to becoming a better person.  I also intend to follow up with the online courses. Thanks Dawn

Scott P.


“Dawn opened my awareness to the thoughts in my mind. It was one thing to know what I wanted to accomplish, but another to know that it’s the thoughts in my subconscious that can help me to attain those goals. Through hypnosis with Dawn I was able to reconfigure the wiring in my subconscious and reinforce more of what I wanted to see happen in my life. It’s been working for me ever since.”

Sean Poynter, 2013 World Standup Paddleboard Surfing Champion


I am very excited about the information you have shared with us in the online course so far. I have found the 20 min. hypnosis audio to work extremely well. It has helped me to get to sleep and back to sleep. In fact it’s the first time in years that I have been able sleep without the Tv on. My wife is now your biggest fan. Also, I was able to use the relaxation and breathing technique while shooting Five Stand and got in the zone! It was awesome. I listened to the audio twice before I shot and I was calm and cool as could be.

John Fowler


“Dawn helped me to relax and take control of certain parts of my life that had gotten out of hand. Self hypnosis is a wonderful thing. You train yourself to look deep inside and finally let go of your worries and past and to be positive about your life and your surroundings and when you are positive, you receive positive. Dawn was able to get me to quit looking at things negatively and to enjoy life and all it has to offer. Her technique and understanding of what she does is unparalleled.”

Crystal Bennick, Secretary for Deputy Director at FDIC


“Having worked with Vijay for almost 2 years, I witnessed on a daily basis some of the challenges he faced with putting and the mental aspect of his game. After working with Dawn, Vijay had an obvious and complete positive change in his confidence, demeanor, and putting. Vijay went from suffering anxiety with putting to calling himself ‘the best putter in the world,’ winning FedExCup tournaments stroking putts over 35 feet, and ultimately becoming the2008 FedExCup Champion.”

Jeff Fronk, Owner Fitness By Fronk, Personal Trainer to PGA TOUR Pro Vijay Singh


“I just won the World Veteran Sporting Championship in Texas. Big win for me! I could not have won it without your help! Thanks again.”

Pete Hendrick, 2013 Veteran’s World English Sporting Clays Champion


“This is the World’s Best Putter. What a week! Especially for me. I’m just thankful for what happened last week and I am grateful for the sessions we had. I was following instructions very well and it paid off. I am very, very positive at this moment of my life in every way and form. I do read all the info that you have given to me and it plays an important role in the way I think, so thank you for that.”

Vijay Singh, PGA TOUR Professional Golfer, 2008 FedEx Cup Champion, 34 PGA TOUR Wins, Hall of Fame Inductee


Golf is about emotional management and confidence. I have used three of Dawn
Grants products, and my favorite is the more general Golf Confidence, the
original self-hypnosis recording.  When I first started using it several
years ago, I had immediate results in my scores. More importantly, I started
enjoying the game more. I still use it.

Fred A Brindle MD -Retired Neurosurgeon


I am amazed at how much your Golf Confidence Hypnosisaudio program has helped me.  I am no longer intimidated when playing holes surrounded by water hazards, or when approaching greens protected by deep bunkers.  Your program works and I’m so glad that I tried it!  Thanks so much!

Lloyd Nakamura


“Dawn has taught me to think and say positive suggestions to myself while playing. These suggestions are reinforced by the hypnotherapy. Things have changed for me with very little effort.”

Cameron Beckman, PGA TOUR Professional Golfer, 3 PGA TOUR Wins


I recommend Dawn’s help to anyone suffering with confidence in any aspect of golf.   Stick with it and stay positive – you can make improvements – I am living proof of this.    By extension it would seem that Dawn would be very helpful in other areas of life.

Bill Miller


“I won HOA at a competition in Georgia last weekend and I must say listening to your audios help tremendously! I have never been as focused and relaxed from start to finish as that competition.”

Craig Rigsby, Competitive Clay Shooter


“This Saturday I won A class at OK Coral in Okeechobee , FL. Since I started mental training
with you have had 5 punches in 5 tournaments. I definitely know that it is working for me. Thanks
for your work. This winter will be competing in larger tournaments.”



Since I have been using the hypnotic CD’s , I feel that I am becoming more attuned to the level of stress felt at any given time and even what seems to be causing it. This whole study is adding a dimension of additional pleasure to my shooting.

Barry Clute


I have had your 3 original sporting clays hypnosis audios, but I have to say
the 20 minute basic is genius, 5,4,3,2,1. I use it at every station in my
preshot and my scores have been consistently going up. Thank You!

Bob Kruft


Wow, I really don’t know where to start. So I reached out to Dawn looking for help with my Sporting Clays competition and lo and behold I received so much more…No matter the reason for considering Dawn Grant, I feel like you are certain to get more than you pay for, IF you apply what she teaches you.

Randy Adkinson

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