Website and App offering highly efficient, effective, affordable, customizable hypnosis for powerful, quick change to unhealthy habits and limiting mindsets


Since 1994 I've been helping people overcome many different mental blocks, fears, and phobias. Athletes, business executives, and countless other individuals have sought my professional help for decades. I've had the honor of working with PGA Tour golfers, Hall-Of-Famers, Olympic athletes, and champion sporting clay shooters. My mental training with them directly resulted in an increase of earnings from their winnings by 219%.

While I've helped many athletes strengthen their mind and overcome fear and doubt, I've had the pleasure of helping individuals with a wide range of problems from unhealthy eating to quitting smoking. Even though my clients' reasons for seeing me covered all ends of the spectrum, my unique and comprehensive mental training approach and host of tools and techniques never waivered. No matter the fear, phobia, or doubt, my training was able to help them.


Despite my successes with clients over the years, I still felt overwhelmed. There's only so many hours in a day and so much of me to go around. I've met so many individuals along the way who upon learning what I do would say, 'Boy, I could use you!' It seemed no matter where I went I would encounter people who had all types of mental road blocks they were trying to overcome.

Armed with a passion for helping people, and understanding a deep need in our society for mental training techniques delivered in a modern way, I decided to begin designing my newest invention, a subscription-based mobile app featuring customizable Hypnosis audios subscribers could access anytime, anywhere.

After years of hard work and brainstorming, Mind Mastered is finally here.


The first mobile app of its kind. Mind Mastered combines Dawn Grant's tried-and-true Hypnosis audios with the power of user-customization and the ability to access their customized audios whether they are at home or on-the-go.


Access customizable Hypnosis audios at the touch of a button. Utilize my proven techniques to improve your life and master your mind.


Mind Mastered was priced with the user in mind, so that anyone can Sign Up and learn how to focus their thoughts, better manage stress, get rid of fear, crush doubt, and much more.


My user-friendly platform is easy for anyone to use. Mind Mastered is a powerful yet streamlined app focused on speed and efficiency when you are streaming.




*New users get a 7 day FREE trial

Mind Mastered is priced affordably with the user in mind, so anyone can have access to important, transformational mental training techniques.


Mind Mastered offers subscribers highly efficient and effective hypnosis on an affordable, easily accessible and convenient platform which provides masses of people around the world the opportunity to understand and manage their mind and thoughts. Users also now have the powerful ability to quickly change unhealthy habits and limiting mindsets.

Mind Mastered creates the opportunity for people to be empowered in creating positive, powerful, productive changes to their minds and lives, whether they want to lose weight, manage stress, increase productivity, end bad habits, make more money, or improve a relationship.

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