Preparation and Confidence Bring Peak Golf Performance

posted on March 19, 2013 by Dawn Grant

confidence-wordsIn golf, as in life, preparation and mastery of your skills through practice and perseverance is extremely important to building confidence and achieving peak performance.  Equally important is your ‘presence’ in any given moment.  You can achieve that by learning how to properly focus your mind to break free from the past or future, and into a level of inner peace connected to this exact moment.  By peace, I don’t mean complacency or relaxation.  I mean that you achieve an acceptance or level of inner peace in which you are able to be present (in the ‘here and now’) and accept what is happening around you.  That peace then helps you achieve peak performance by limiting the effect of typical agitations, frustrations or angers, that come from thinking about what you “should’ve, could’ve or would’ve” done differently.  So achieving peak performance is possible, as you acquire and maintain skills in mastery, presence, and inner peace.

One of my ‘Self Suggestions’, that I have found to really help people in trying to achieve peak performance, pertains to being prepared and confident.  It is one of the many techniques I include in my Golf Product, and greatly increases performance as people apply it to their golf game and their life.  This suggestion states:

“I train my mind to see good in myself, to feel prepared & confident in who I am & what I bring to my game and life.”

How can you train your mind to see good in yourself, and how does that help achieve peak performance?  Part of the problem you face when you reflect on yourself and your game, is that you might only focus on your faults – what needs to be improved.  That is because a large percentage of people only see their faults and the faults of others.  When you feel like there is lack, that there are problems or that things are constantly wrong and need to be fixed, you are limiting your abilities.  You actually, physically, decrease your energy by thinking that way.

When people experience this decrease in energy, they tend to label it with different words like:  sad, upset, down-and- out, lethargic or maybe even depressed, irritable or guilty.  There are all different kinds of feelings and emotions to pick from.  When people do that, they are actually labeling the sensation of the cells of their body.  When those cells are in that kind of decreased energy/lower vibration state, they do not perform very well and actually cause the body to shut down – literally.  So obviously, people are not able to perform to the best of their ability when their bodies are shutting down and cells of the body are not functioning in the best way they could be.  Not an ideal state to be in, that’s for sure.

But what can be done about that in order to improve performance?

Training your mind to see the good in yourself is going to increase your cell vibration, which increases your energy level necessary to achieve peak performance.   As an effect of having a more uplifting way of looking at yourself, and a more uplifting energy, your performance improves.  It is a process that starts with awareness, and it is possible to achieve peak performance with this technique.  Training your mind to see good in yourself starts with first cutting out, stopping or eliminating the negative thinking of yourself, or the tendency to only think about what you are doing wrong or not good enough.  You must stop that first, and then begin to focus on what you are doing right; how hard you are trying, how you persevere through challenges, how far you have come and all of the progress you have made.

This is another tendency people have, of constantly seeing their lack or what they “could’ve, should’ve or would’ve” done better. So achieving peak performance requires you to train your mind to see the good in yourself…and feel prepared.  It is a shift in perspective to start to recognize in yourself that you really are prepared, and able to achieve peak performance.

So how do you do that?

First of all, you actually do have to practice the mechanics and mental skills you previously learned to help you achieve peak performance.  You will not feel prepared if you’ve been slacking off.  If you have not made your sport and practice a priority at all, you will feel you have neglected that area.  There is no way of mentally overcoming that other than by deceiving yourself.  Or, you could look at the fact that you have spent many years of perfecting your skills and just because you took a few weeks off, does not mean those skills have gone away.  You can still feel prepared even if circumstances have caused you to not practice as frequently as you had preferred.  So, you need to see the shift in mindset from being hard on yourself in thinking you will not perform well, because you did not practice, to thinking you will perform well because you have many years of experience and skill development.

Whichever road you choose in your mind, will either increase your energy and cell vibration or decrease it.  Either one will affect your performance.  So now you have a few options on how to proceed.  You can practice as much as you feel is reasonable, in balance with your human self where you take care of all aspects of your life to the best of your ability.  You do not want to feel lack in any area when you are trying to perform well in your sport; especially in certain areas like sleeping, eating and exercise, as they will immediately affect your performance.  To really feel prepared, includes taking care of those things you truly have control over; your health, well being, relationships, work and practice of mechanics and your mental skills.  That is how you can best prepare to achieve peak performance.

So “I train my mind to see good in myself, feel prepared and confident,” in order to achieve peak performance.  I have talked a lot about confidence and peak performance in sports in other articles and teachings over the years.  Confidence in who you are comes from choosing to focus on what you do well, progress you have made, and what you offer to each moment.  So being confident in who you are and what you bring to your game and life is a critical factor to achieving peak performance.

As you reflect back on feeling prepared, you need to realize that your level of preparedness is what you bring to your game and to your life.  You then need to ask yourself what level of confidence you bring.  That should really be equivalent to how prepared you feel, if you want to achieve peak performance.

Therefor starting now, begin the process of training your mind to see good in yourself, so you can achieve peak performance in your game and your life.  You undoubtedly harbor a lot of old habits that are limiting your performance and need to be broken, so new habits can be made.  If you need any help with that beyond what I am offering here, I am available to you.  You can contact me or, like many people around the world, you can purchase my help products.

Just remember my suggestion:  “I train my mind to see good in myself, to feel prepared and confident in who I am and what I bring to my life and game.”  I wish you well in implementing this and hope you come back to my website tips for more information in the future.  Achieving peak performance is possible with these techniques, and you can do it.  Have an amazing day!


  • Stan Callahan says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I have been on your mailing list for sometime now and like many others find your enthusiasm very inspiring. I am 61 years of age now and enjoy golf as a once a week outdoor exercise/enjoyment session, and although I don’t get much time for practice, I (thanks to you) convince myself that I am a good golfer and enjoy the game immensely
    In my work life I am a very gifted artist (painting/sculpture), however due to the the demands of other projects such as property maintenance on investment properties and the day to day chores of running a household, I find that I am getting bogged down by the amount of tasks I have to perform and instead of formulating a strategy to move through the workload to achieve my goal of one day getting back into my studio, I sometimes go into a mental lock down where I tend to achieve little as I wander round in circles wondering which task to attack first!
    What I really need is just some kind of inspirational therapy to keep me from straying from my course and give me the confidence to see each project through.
    I would be pleased if you could advise me on one of your coaching products which best suits my situation.
    with regards
    PS Just in passing, I am getting more impressed with the power of the mind and what can be achieved from positive thought. I am thinking that your mind has the ability to cure quite a few illnesses that we suffer without the use of medications etc. One thing that might interest you, I wear glasses to read now, but one day I was looking at the job I was doing thinking how clearly I was seeing it and how clean my glasses must be, when I realized I wasn’t wearing them, and instantly my vision blurred again! I told my wife about this and she said the same thing had happened to her. So maybe with positive thought my mind can train my eyes to see more clearly again,

    • Dawn Grant says:

      Hi Stan

      Thank you for the compliments and I am so glad you are enjoying my newsletter

      Also very pleased to hear of your successes!

      I am a firm believer in the mind/body connection… the more one understand their mind, thoughts and beliefs, the more it becomes common sense that there is no getting away from the instantaneous connection between the two.
      Just as a simple example… thoughts that bring about fear will put your body in a fight or flight mode… this effects eye site, heart rate, breathing rate, blood flow, digestive system, reproductive system and immune system! Here’s the interesting twist… what we call ‘stress’ is no different. The kinds of thoughts that create what we call ‘stress’ in our body are fear based. hmmmm… no wonder there is a break down in our systems and health. Society has come to accept stress as a normal part of living but what they aren’t realizing is it is caused my their own thoughts. We are truly our own worst enemy!

      I currently don’t have any hypnosis download products to address what you are experiencing. But I would suggest private sessions and I could guide you through the transformation.

      Here’s to your healthier mind and body,

  • Lakeisha says:

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    enjoyment, since this this website conations in fact nice funny data too.

  • Nicole Anderson says:

    I would love to interview you for my book!
    On Self Love
    My name is Nicole Anderson and I absolutely love this article on confidence peace of knowing( creating certainty with in yourself).
    Just a quick 30 call done on a conference line( just you and me)
    Let me know I’m in San Diego. California you can text me 619 941-4031 would be easiest! Looking forward to meeting you!

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Preparation and Confidence Bring Peak Golf Performance posted on March 19, 2013 by Dawn Grant

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