Accepting Our Uniqueness

December 23, 2012

Be proud of who you are! Accepting your own uniqueness is what makes us stand out as individuals.

Think about this: What if all food tasted the same, all drinks coated your tongue with the same flavor, all perfumes released the same aroma, and all houses were repeated imprints of each other? How boring life would be! Without variety there would be little intrigue, excitement, or diversity in our day. There would be less inspiration and creative expression.

Let us take this way of thinking one step further. What if all people were the same… in their thinking, ideas, perceptions, mannerisms, interests, likes, and dislikes?

Embrace your Uniqueness

Remember the Stepford Wives?

It really does take all kinds to make the world go around. Success in life is built from the combination of the talents of many different and unique people.

Many people go through life without stopping long enough to learn who they are. There is nobody else like you in the world. Nobody can know you better than you know yourself, yet some people hardly know themselves! Life is so much easier when you know who are, accept yourself, recognize what you offer, foster you innate talents, and can advocate for yourself from a place of self-love and understanding.

Take a moment to think of what makes you unique. Think of the things you are passionate about, that inspire and motivate you. Even think about the things that upset and disturb you, with this information you can actually get even more clear as to what your preferences are. As you begin to understand yourself better, you gain clarity which enables you to set goals for your successful and joy filled life.

Take this to the next level. As you begin to embrace your uniqueness, you can begin to embrace the uniqueness in others. Take a moment to think of your friends, co-workers, and loved ones—each of them with distinctive personalities. Life needs this diversity. There is much you contribute to their lives, just as there is much they contribute to yours.

Each day feel open to the experiences that help you to understand yourself better. Be gentle on yourself as you get to know the person you truly are. Release judgment as you see the uniqueness in others. Live each day with peace and acceptance.

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