Achieve Success: Autograph Your Work With Excellence

February 23, 2013

As I consider new tools or skills that will help people achieve greater work and life success, I think it is important for them to recognize what success they already have.  In life, people experience numerous opportunities to work hard and devote time to building skills over a period of months or years, or while working on various projects.  Those skills have likely created lots of success through many of life’s challenges, opportunities, ups and downs. It would be beneficial to folks and their confidence to recognize how those opportunities have given them great skill sets.

When you stop to review what you have accomplished or gone through in your life, you will see that you have achieved much more success than you realize.  You just need to take a moment and look at all you have overcome, what you have built and the success you have had.  Doing that will help alleviate pressures you place on yourself, help you find greater confidence in yourself, and actually create a different energy or feeling in your body; a shift in energy.


Rather than being down yourself, hard on yourself, or feeling like you just haven’t ‘pulled it off’, (which causes a poor attitude and negative feelings as your energy goes down) you need to start to see how far you have come because of all your hard work.  At first, it may seem foreign to you when you begin to look at what you have achieved, the hard work you have gone through to get to where you are and how far you have come.  But your energy will shift as you start to believe that you really have done a lot of great things and have amounted to a lot, and you can start to see what successes that hard work has brought to your life.

If you have spent a lot of time frustrated or feeling like you have not yet arrived, that you have not reached your dreams or you are not where you think you should be, then it might be tricky to overcome those mindsets. Start by seeing your progress and recognize just how far you have come.  I can tell you that by encouraging that kind of belief system, you will have a very powerful shift in your energy which will then propel you at greater speed and bring about even greater levels of success.

As you assess where you are, how far you have come and where you are going, there is no reason to feel bad about your life, any of the troubles you faced along the way, or to worry about where you are headed.  All three areas need to be in balance in a way that you can feel good about.  Recognizing the growth you acquired as you overcame struggles and challenges will give you a shift in how you feel.  Feeling good about your life right now and realizing the progress you already made, will give you a second shift.  Looking forward with a positive outlook will give you a third shift.  All three shifts together will contribute to even more successes in your future.

In building upon this energy shift and review of past success, what next step, skill or tip will help you achieve all the levels of success you desire, in a way you prefer?  One great way is to look at every job you do as a self portrait of the person who did it, or; “Autograph your Work with Excellence”.


So far you have learned a little about the energy of your body; meaning, how you feel or how your attitude affects the way you see things, and how you feel about whatever you work on.  If you apply the best of your abilities or skills to your work, really try hard and maintain a positive presence of mind while you work, you create excellence.  If you are distracted while working, think negatively or with a sense that there is something wrong with you or the work itself while you are doing it, you will autograph that job poorly.  Your work will show the corresponding level of attitude or effort you put into it.  You can do a job half-heartedly or when your mind is off somewhere else, or you can do a job with focus and a desire to really put your best foot forward.  However you feel is reflected in your work; every job is a self-portrait of you at that time.

I saw a recent example of Autographing Work with Excellence when I hired a cleaning woman for my old Townhouse when I moved.  She asked me several times if I thought she was doing a good job, if I liked what she was doing or if it would help me get my deposit back.  She showed me she cared about the outcome, she did not rush to get the job done quickly, and she did not appear to hate what she was doing or dread having to do it.  She obviously cared a lot about the quality of her work and put her heart and soul into it.  She even called me the next day to ensure I was satisfied.  She had a positive attitude, appreciated the opportunity and wanted to do her best.  The job was not just a paycheck.  She Autographed her Work with Excellence.

Since that time, I have recommended her regularly, saying she did the most thorough job I had ever seen, and I will hire her again.  I really appreciated the great job she did and could truly see and feel the excellence and effort she put into it.  That is true of the work everyone does; we can tell if someone Autographs their Work with Excellence, or not.  Excellent work is appreciated in both the short and long run, and there is really no reason why everyone cannot do it or be aware that we can do the same thing.


You leave a mark on everything you do, and that mark has a domino effect.  If you want consistent success, in ways you prefer or in growing amounts, then you want to Autograph with Excellence.  That will then spread like wildfire.  As word-of-mouth gets out about your ‘excellent work’, you follow up and continue to autograph other jobs with excellence, people will hear about you and want to hire you, and more opportunities will come your way.  I have seen it happen myself; word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing.  You only pay for it with a good attitude, a good work-ethic, and by autographing your work with excellence.


In order to achieve work and life success, remember to start at the beginning:  Inventory what successes you have had, appreciate where you have been, and what it has taught you.  See the success in your present day life, feel good about where you are now, and feel good about where you are heading.  This kind of attitude shift will clear out any crud that could have infiltrated your work and caused ‘not-so-good’ outcomes for you.  Also, remember that every job is a self portrait of the person who did it, and start autographing your work with excellence!

I really hope you take this information to heart, and are able to autograph your work with excellence.  I would be happy to help you assess your skills and apply the principle of autographing with excellence; please give me a call.  Achieving greater success in work and life is right around the corner for you.  Have an excellent day!

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