Anything is possible; Anthony Robles

September 01, 2016

Born in 1988 with only one leg, Anthony Robles decided early that he wouldn’t let a disability hold him back. At the age of three, he abandoned his prosthetic limb. By the sixth grade, Robles was setting his school’s record for the most push-ups.

Two years later, Robles joined the wrestling team, and he excelled at it. By the time he finished college, Robles was a three-time Pac-10 wrestling champion and three-time All-American. In January 2012, the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association named Anthony Robles the Most Courageous Athlete of 2011. It seems fitting that he plans to build a career as a motivational speaker, helping other people overcome their disabilities.

Anthony Robles truly has proven that anything is possible if you work your ass off and put your mind to it. Since then, Robles has stated he would love nothing more than to be a motivational speaker, specifically for others who face similar challenges in life that he did.

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