Be Open to See the Uniqueness in your Child

May 07, 2013

Even with 7 billion people on earth, we can safely admit that each one of us is unique within the common denominator of being humans. Unique is what the universe dictates. For example the shoreline in most areas of northeast Florida has sections which are layered with tiny shells. Each shell is unique in its size, color, shape, and texture. If you sit among the many shells and pick one up at a time to observe its characteristics, you will likely find and be able to appreciate the unique beauty in each of them.  Rinsing them off, you can observe them more clearly, wiping away the dirt to see their luster. One may be dark brown and rippled in texture. Another may be smooth andhave a pearl essence. Some are large and some so tiny you can barely see that it is a shell. Although they are different, they happen to also be the same. Similar in chemical makeup, properties, and purpose. You know all of this as you take the time to admire them. And truth be known, it is very unlikely you would believe one shell should be like the other, or that you would decide one ‘had’ to be a certain way in order to be ‘good’. Each of them you accept for what it is, the same, yet different.

Take this same way of thinking and apply it to how you view yourself and others. Each person is unique in its size, color, shape, and texture. We are also just as unique in our preferences, interests, talents, thought patterns, gifts, passions, and abilities. If you sit on a park bench, in an outdoor café, or along the beach shore and watch each person around you participate in life, you will find and be able to appreciate the unique beauty in each of them. Each individual having individuality. Some finding joy in athletic activity- feeling the adrenalin rush through their bodies. Others being social and communicative- pleased with the company of many. A few enjoying their solitude and time of reflection- each of their thoughts unique to their specific life experiences. Although we are different, we are also the same. We are in physical form living a human experience.

Take time to understand yourself and the uniqueness of who you are. Then use that wisdom to recognize the uniqueness in others- your friends, parents, siblings, partner, co-workers, and especially your children. What aspects of your preferences and beliefs are you imposing on others? Many parents get caught up in their own world, their own thinking- what they perceive to be fun, interesting, and worth while; then expect their children would feel the same way.

Decide you are going to slow down long enough to see the unique and individual beauty in your children and then take out the polish and help them to shine. The only residue to wipe away is that which you have created with your own beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions of how they are ‘supposed to be.’

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