Clay Shooters Benefit from a Post-Shot Routine

February 04, 2013

I know, I know… you have heard of a Pre-Shot Routine and you are thinking “What is she talking about? A Post-Shot Routine? Doesn’t she mean a Pre-Shot Routine?” Nope, sorry, I mean a Post-Shot Routine and I would even venture to say that Clay Shooters could benefit significantly from a Post-Shot Routine. And it’s not just a Post Shot that will serve you well… there is tremendous advantage from participating in a productive Post Station/Peg, Post Round, and Post Event Routine.

Take your mind for a moment to the period of time as you leave a station or a peg, and imagine that you just missed several ‘easy’ targets. What do you typically say to yourself or others? How do you typically act? If you are like a majority of Clay Shooters, your thoughts, words and actions are likely not very favorable. You will be lucky to turn them off prior to the next station or peg, and you may even carry them throughout the rest of event, week or year! You know that these thoughts are a recipe for disaster! They will significantly decrease your performance…. Even a year later! Yep, I would say that a Post-Shot Routine is important. But I don’t call mine a Post-Shot Routine because it needs to be used Post-Shot, Post-Pair, Post-Station, Post-Peg, Post-Round, and Post-Event. I call it a Post Event Sequence.

I have outlined a sequence of positive and productive mental skills that need to be applied Post every Clay Shooting event. These specific skills will help you turn around a ‘bad’ station by finding the ‘good’ in every shot, whether you have missed it or smoked it. This is not just about ‘forgetting about it and moving on’ as that is only a temporary fix. I help you make profound, permanent change and that only occurs when you have learned how to effectively process what has just transpired.

Most of my Clay Shooting clients find tremendous value from learning and applying my Post-Shot Routine. Their only wish is to get it into auto-pilot, subconscious mode faster. Their wish is my command! I have created “Clay Shooting: Post Event Sequence Hypnosis” as there is no faster way to benefit from good stuff then to get it turned into a good habit!

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