Clay Shooters Turn to Golf Help

January 04, 2013

Clay Shooters Turn to Golf Help

Are you a Clay Shooter looking for help to improve your performance? Have you bought books written for Golfers? If you have been Clay Shooting for a while, maybe even receiving instruction and help for your mechanics, but find that you are stuck and unable to advance in your performance… then it is time for some Mental Training.

Many Clay Shooters find it difficult to find material to assist them in the mental side of their sport, they end up turning to books and products made for Golf Mental Training. Because there are a lot of similarities between Sporting Clay Shooting and Golf… it can be fairly easy to gather help from Golf material. But it can also be a pain in the tush, especially since you have to continually change the wording in your head from golf, swing, and hole to shooting, gun mount, and station. Since I worked with PGA TOUR Pro Golfers for years before working with Clay Shooters it is no surprise that Clay Shooters started turning to me for help, but I can also relate to how tricky it is to change my golf language to shooting language. But now that I have been regularly working with Clay Shooters since 2008, and have helped all levels of competitors, including several World Champions and on Team USA, in the Hall of Famer, including Wendell Cherry and even Olympian, Kayle Browning, it has become easier to talk the talk. Fortunate to work with greats like John Woolley, I also live close to him, which gives John and I the unique opportunity to work together and offer clients a combination of mechanics and mental training, this great combo has offered a phenomenal experience to many shooters who have visited us in North East Florida.

Just like it has been in the golf world… for many shooters, it is considered strange or unnecessary to participate in mental training. Many golfers and shooters put most of their attention on their mechanics, if a golfer misses their shot, they will blame their caddy, golf club, swing, wrist, knee, or elbow; if a clay shooter misses a target, they will blame the trap setter, judge, squad mates, their gun mount, starting point, lead, or break point. If they are struggling, golfers may make changes to their clubs or putter, while clay shooters may make changes to their gun.

But the proof is in the pudding… making an adjustment to your club, putter or gun will only provide a temporary fix. The issues you are having will return, UNTIL you recognize the mental component and address it.

Sadly, it is very likely you are 100% unaware of the mental issues you are having, and even if you are aware that you are getting too upset, stressed, frustrated, trying too hard, doubting your ability, coming in with expectations, or are filled with fear, it is just as likely that you have no earthly idea how to stop these unproductive thought patterns and habits. That is where I come in… I bring a unique understanding of the mind, the way it works, how you got in this mental mess and how you get out of it. I offer a combination of a degree in Psychology, experience in Mental Health, Sports Improvement and in Hypnotherapist. As ‘weird’ as you may think it is, my hypnosis experience is actually what give me a huge advantage over other sports mental trainers. I have a comprehensive understanding of the subconscious and this great knowledge and insight gets passed onto all my clients. And all Clay Shooters know… you perform best when shooting from your subconscious.

Since the PGA TOUR Pros I worked with had a 219% increase in earnings in the 5 tournaments after our work together as compared to the 5 tournaments prior to our work together, I would say it’s foolish and naïve to not address the mental aspect of you performance!

Yes, some Golfers and Sporting Clay Shooters may consider Mental Training & Hypnotherapy Help hokey, but the advantage you get is profound (especially when so much of your competition is still in the dark!). Ready to get started? My “20min Hypnosis for Transformation” is used by every one of my clients. It is a tool that can assist you in learning how to get into hypnosis (eventually assisting you in mastering the Zone State) and to improve your focus.

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