Clay Shooters Want to Perform with Confidence and in the Zone

February 04, 2013

Like most athletes, Clay Shooters want to Perform with Confidence and in the Zone. But, unfortunately, they face a few obstacles that hold them back. Rather than having Confidence going into an event, station or peg; Clay Shooters tend to worry about their abilities, whether they have practiced enough, if they deserve to be at the level of competition they are at or which they are striving for, or if they will be able to shoot the rabbits. After missing a few targets in a station or peg, they will be hard on themselves, fearing they won’t be able to recover, or questioning why they are even at an event. The obsessive negative thoughts and scenarios that replay in their minds are exactly what contribute to a lack of confidence. Sadly, most Clay Shooters participate in these mental activities by default. They have no idea they are even speaking to themselves or others in this way; so they surely don’t realize they are acting as their own worst enemy.

When a Clay Shooter experiences shooting in the Zone state they are in a state of complete Confidence. While shooting in the Zone state, they describe the experience as: their body just seems to move, they shoot subconsciously and intuitively, they are free of thought, everyone and everything disappears around them, they feel great, and they easily smoke the targets. Do you see how Confidence is an intricate part of this? If we take a moment, we can see that when a Clay Shooter is lacking in confidence the opposite scenario happens, they: try to force the shot and make it happen, over-think and analyze, have a ton of chatter and second guessing, hear and are aware of everyone and everything around them, aren’t having fun anymore, and miss many targets.

After working with several dozen Clay Shooters it became painful for me to watch their innocent self-sabotaging behaviors. All Clay Shooters would prefer to perform in the Zone so I have created a hypnosis audio to tackle this exact problem. Suggestions on “Clay Shooting: Perform with Confidence and in the Zone Hypnosis” address every aspect of what builds a Clay Shooters Confidence… which ultimately leads to performing in the Zone more often and for longer periods of time. It’s what every Clay Shooter could want!

Confidence is necessary for a Clay Shooter to perform regularly in the Zone, meanwhile the mental calisthenics they most regularly participate in work against their ability to be confident! It’s time to reverse this and you can do it with my “Clay Shooting: Perform with Confidence and in the Zone Hypnosis

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