Clear Your Mind Of Can’t

March 12, 2014

March’s Theme is Health and Weight Loss

How many of you start the day with I can’t? Samuel Johnson said “Clear your mind of can’t.” There are actually hypnotherapy sessions that I take clients into that clear their minds of can’t. It works extremely well and many people have changed their lives for the better. So if there is something that you are ready to put an end to, a habit or the habitual saying of I can’t, then you are ready to move forward. Make the choice to make a difference in your life today. There have been many clients of mine that come to me wanting to quit, whether smoking, drinking, over-eating, dipping, etc. They all say the same thing: I can’t. I can’t quit for more than a day, I can’t stop for more than 48 hours, I can’t seem to get past a month, I can’t have a cup of coffee without wanting a cigarette, I can’t deal without a drink, I can’t go past this bakery without getting a dozen donuts, I can’t I can’t I can’t. Theses are a lot of things that people repeat. The more you repeat those things, the more the brain reinforces them for you and the more likely you are to continue the habit or action in your life. There is no benefit to the I can’ts. Whatever it is you say to yourself, whatever thoughts you have, they are factual to your body. They are perceived as truth. If you simply learn to say things like: I CAN have a cup of coffee without a cigarette, or I can deal with this stress better today.

What does it truly mean to have a healthy mind; healthy personal image? A lot of people are going about their days like a broken record. They have repeated thoughts, repeated attitudes, kind of like an automated program. Many of these people have low self esteem, they may even think less of themselves as other human beings. No positive self image. Stop right now and think about the self image you have. What type of image did you get? Does it tend to be more positive than negative? When you get up in the morning do you have confidence in yourself to go about your day with productivity and positivity? Are you excited to put your best foot forward? Are you ready to experience your relationships with other people from a grateful standpoint? Do you wake up in the morning crabby about how you’ve slept, wishing that life was different? Maybe negative thoughts about your spouse, even? Do you get up and pop a pill?

People turn to substances like nicotine or alcohol or a drug to numb themselves towards the unhappiness they feel. A lot of those negative thoughts can be related to your unhappy nature in life. Maybe going as far as saying you don’t even know what would make you happy in life. Have you stopped long enough to ask yourself what works for you? What is it you desire? You may be very surprised to know that those negative thoughts can be turned around when you experience gratitude. Each morning, stop and be thankful that you are breathing. This little start of being gracious can make such an influence in your life. There are a lot of things to be grateful for. Your health, your job, your children’s health…pick one and choose to look at it from a different vantage point. Be thankful for the little things. This is beginning step towards bettering yourself. Live in each moment and take time to recognize those things of which you are grateful. Observe them, feel them, have gratitude for them.

Make a point to work on positive affirmations. These concepts re easy and you can start today. One thought is just as powerful as another. Repeating it and putting belief behind it can turn your whole life around. People that are successful in life, whether sports, business, or art, rarely use the phrase I can’t. There is a difference in them that they wouldn’t allow themselves to think that way or repeat negative thoughts. There was no I can’t that got reinforced over time. They may have had positive influences in their lives to help them and that helps a lot; but even if you don’t, you can still start small.

If you have come to a crossroads in your life you have two options: Option one is the I can’t road; Option two is the I can road. Whichever one you happen to choose, it will be repetitive. The more you reinforce it, the more it becomes truth for you. Even if it never had to be. We always are given a choice. Choose to make a difference. Choose to go down the I can road. Especially if you are a parent. You need to think about what messages you are sending to your children. Do they see you act out negatively and portray someone with bad habits? You have a huge influence over your children. Don’t start them on a road to I can’t. Be an example and start them on the road to I can. Be positive towards them. I know we have a lot of off-the-cuff sayings like: You are a pain in the neck, or You’re being a baby. Those words can have a very negative effect on your kids. What message are you sending them? What perceptions are being built? Always be positive, even when you are wearing thin with their behaviors. Talk about how he or she can improve his or her attitude. Send positive messages to your children, don’t let them go down the I can’t road.You want the best for them, you can have the best for you too! All it takes is one choice, a little patience, repetition of positivity and you will be on a new road to success, whatever your endeavor.

You want to always be aware of your thoughts. We perceive them as real; then we react to them in life as if they are real. Cut out the I can’t in your life. It is not beneficial. It is not healthy. It will not provide success in any area of life. Clear your mind of can’ts, replace them with cans, and decide that you are moving your life in a more positive direction. Catch yourself when you start limiting your days with negative thoughts. Replace them with positive. Take a look at your thoughts today. Make it your mission to sift through them and count up the negative vs positive. Is it time to retrain your brain? Is it time to take a detour to the I can road? Our mission is to grow, in gratitude, in health, in mind, in life. Choose to grow positivity. Choose the I can road. If you need help with this, visit my contact page on my website. InJoy your day!

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