Consistent Performance in Clay Shooting from Planning, Preparing and Better Focus

February 04, 2013

This past week, I had three Clay Shooters fly in from out of state and worked with several others via Skype or phone. Like the rest of us, Clay Shooters think their challenges are unique to them, but, in reality, the details may be different but the scenarios are the same. Every Clay Shooter I have worked with could benefit from more consistent and deliberate Planning, Preparing and Better Focus.

If a Clay Shooter steps up to a station or peg and believes the targets are easy, they will likely breeze through their preshot routine and take it for granted that they can break the targets. But guess what happens? They miss! It happens all the time!

Most Clay Shooters know that if they could break every easy target in a competition they are ahead of the game, and they have significantly increased their odds of being in the lead. Isn’t it funny, Clay Shooters that practice all the time, and spend a ton of cash on their apparatuses, instruction and travel, will miss the easy targets which cost them their position. Ok, maybe not so funny for those of you living it. But, come on now, let’s stop the insanity.

After hearing of the struggles with inconsistent performance due to lack of Planning and Preparing prior to every station or peg, I was inspired to create “Clay Shooting: Plan, Prepare, Focus Hypnosis.” But not every kind of Planning is going to work. If you are doubting, worrying, fearing, or having expectations during your Planning and Preparing you are actually setting yourself up for a struggle, and your focus and performance will suffer. What is ideal is to have a perfect mix of Calm Alertness, a perfect marriage of Peaceful Attentiveness. This interesting combo comes with practice and repetition of specific mental skills, but you can get a huge jump start via “Clay Shooting: Plan, Prepare, Focus Hypnosis.”

Better Focus and Consistent Peak Performance come when a Clay Shooter has purposefully, deliberately and confidently Planned each shot, and Prepared through a productive preshot routine. Combine all this with that perfect mix of calmness and alertness and you have a recipe for Peak, Consistent Performance whether the targets are easy or hard. Are you ready for this?

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