Day 5 of My Master Cleanse: Tons of Energy, 6 Habits I’m Breaking & Lessons I’m Learning

January 04, 2013

That time again: master cleanse

Let’s just start by saying I am doing good and feeling good 5 days in my Master Cleanse. One of the most shocking side effects is a ton of energy! Yep, I am eating less but getting more done. It is interesting as I would think that one’s energy would decrease when not eating ‘foods.’ This is an incredible experience for which I am Breaking Habits and Learning some powerful Lessons!

There are several observations I have been making. First and foremost, when one has freed their mind from thinking about, prepping, preparing and eating food… you gain a lot of time to think and reflect. No wonder cleansing and fasting has been used for centuries as a way to center oneself and gain clarity!

Most of the information out there regarding the benefits of a cleanse address the physical body, the benefits include:

  • Toxins are dissolved and eliminate
  • Digestive system and kidneys are cleansed
  • Glands and cells throughout the body are purified
  • All unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles are eliminated
  • Pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries and blood vessels is relieved
  • Healthy blood stream is built
  • Skin becomes more youthful and elastic
  • Weight loss

But, being that I am a Mental Trainer and Hypnotherapist, it will be no surprise that the mental aspects of the Cleanse are screaming out to me loud and clear. One of the most common issues that clients come to me for is Weight Loss. I have heard every angle, every issue, every excuse, every fear, and every hurdle that folks struggling with weight have to offer. Going on a Cleanse, has helped me to see how truly suffocating food and eating habits can be. My appreciation for the difficulties faced by those trying to lose weight is significantly increasing! The habitual/mindless eating, the fact that food and the aromas of food cooking are everywhere around us and tempting us constantly, and that food is offered socially in many situations are the biggest struggles I have experienced.

Here are 6 Habits I have had to mentally work through and Lessons I am Learning:

  1. Every time I walk through the kitchen, I tend to want to grab a bite of something
    1. Lesson learning: keep healthy options like fruit and dried fruit in bowls on counter
  2. When cooking for my kids I catch myself about to take bites, sampling to see when something is done cooking or if flavored well
    1. Lesson learning: cook healthy foods for my kids, and it is hard to cook when you don’t know if something is done or tasting right
  3. When sitting around or watching TV, there is a tendency to want to eat
    1. Lesson learning: only eat at meal time and when truly hungry
  4. When out and about in the middle of the day I don’t always plan or bring a healthy lunch, which causes me to either skip meals or eat something quick and unhealthy. Being on the Cleanse and only being allowed to drink the lemonade forces me to plan, prepare and take with me my ‘food.’
    1. Lesson learning: when going out for the day, I need to plan, prepare and take with me healthy food
  5. When going grocery shopping, I have had to be sure I am not hungry, the smells and food options are irresistible
    1. Lesson learning: eat before grocery shopping, come in with a plan and shopping list… stick to it
  6. When invited to hang with friends or social events, food and drink are always a part of it and offered… and they aren’t always healthy
    1. Lesson learning: before going out- eat healthy or take some time to think about what I am going to order, eat or drink so I can be mindful when temptations are present

When my Cleanse is finished I look forward to continuing to have a lot of energy, sticking to these habits I am breaking and applying the lessons I am learning. That’s the tricky part… sticking to the changes and not recreating the same habits or giving into temptations!

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