Encouraging a Financially Successful Future for Your Child

November 13, 2012

With the economy the way it is now, we are given a great opportunity to look within ourselves and see what our personal beliefs are about money. This is the perfect chance to learn how to encourage a finacially successful future for your child.

Are you the type of person that believes “I will never get ahead,” “I don’t deserve to be financially comfortable,” “If I got more money, I will just lose it all again,” “I’m not smart enough to be successful,” or anything else similar? As a mental trainer I regularly see adult clients with these types of beliefs. Once the thought is planted, it is like a seed that grows and grows as it is fertilized with confirming information and repeated negative thoughts. With this reinforcement, one forms a strong belief system which creates negative perceptions of one’s life and experiences.

Where did the seed come from? For most people, it was planted in the mind when one was a young child, either because they heard it, saw it, or naively started to believe it. In regards to money and financial abundance, what is your child hearing, seeing, and potentially believing?

If you are stressed about money, making negative comments about yourself and/or your financial situation; your child is seeing and hearing this and with his or hers innocent mind is forming thought patterns which will effect their life and financial future. As a role model to your child it is best to learn to manage your thought patterns more positively and productively. Each of us is repeatedly faced with challenges in life; they are opportunities to learn and to improve on ourselves. But if a person continually finds the negative in themselves, situations and/or blames others; they will continue to experience mental anguish, stress, anger, frustration, and many other unhealthy emotions. All of which lead to an unhealthy body and life experience.

As you are learning to manage your own feelings and thoughts, teach them to manage theirs. As you are learning to see the positive in situations, teach them to see the positives as well. The best thing you can do to bring about a future of financial success for your child is to teach them how to manage financial challenges in a creative and positive manner. Tell yourself and your child things like, “Every day I make good choices and I progress toward financial freedom,” “You and I deserve financial freedom,” “As more money flows into our lives, we will be able to live more freely and contribute more generously,” “You and I are smart and we are successful in all that we do, no matter whether it’s big or small” and so on.

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