FREE Mental Training Q&A at SEMINOLE CUP, Friday 4pm

February 28, 2016

Friday March 4th, 4:00pm in Pavilion next to duPONT/KRIEGHOFF

There are a ton of misconceptions about the mental game out there…
And just as much misinformation!

Come listen to an Expert On The Mind debunk the mental game and get you on the right track!

Bring your questions…. I would love to answer them!

Do you want to know:
• What is the Zone?
• Can I get into the Zone more often?
• How do I really Focus Better?
• Why can’t I do as well in tournaments as I do in practice?
• Why don’t I break the easy targets?
• Why is it that I shoot better after I shoot poorly and don’t care anymore?
• Why can’t I maintain a streak or being in the lead?
• Why does golf carts and people talking behind me effect my shooting?


Can’t make Friday’s Q&A?
The Elusive Zone For Clay Shooter, March 9th
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