How the world is changed for the better – one life at a time.

How the world is changed for the better – one life at a time.

December 04, 2018

“A story not shared does not serve.” – Chris Smith

Why didn’t you give up?

We all face obstacles. Some small that trip us up like the sidewalk that “jumped out of nowhere.” Others are like Goliaths, towering over us and leaving us paralyzed with fear, or worse, running the other direction. But I suck at sharing my battles.

Like many of you, I tend to play it close to the vest. I internalize my struggles and rarely, if ever, share the obstacles I’m currently battling. I don’t want to post it on Facebook. I don’t want to vent to someone. I just want to deal with it, quietly and alone. The problem with that thinking is that my obstacle starts to grow within my head. The “pebble” becomes a giant and my situation moves toward one where victory seems impossible. I haven’t shared my battle with anyone so it feels like I am the only one going through this.

I feel often times that I am the only one facing this particular battle. And that’s one helluva lonely feeling.
But the truth is, I’m not alone. There’s actually someone else out there going through the exact same situation I am. Hell, there’s probably 100 or 1,000 other people in my exact shoes, facing my same Goliath – or one much larger than mine.

And many of them are winning.

My problem isn’t my Goliath. My problem is that I’ve internalized everything, kept it to myself, and let my perspective shift to one where I feel as if victory is an impossible task. In all actuality, some of those 100 or 1,000 people out there in my exact shoes are turning my “impossible” situation into a very possible “victory” – I just don’t have the perspective.

Until I suddenly do. Nelson Mandela once said, “It’s always impossible until it’s done.” Once it’s done, everyone looks at the task much differently. Their eyes are “opened” and victory is suddenly there for the taking. Think about when the Wright brothers started to fly. It was impossible – until it wasn’t. And then everyone else believed they too could fly and started building planes and ways to soar. They were no longer hindered by their limiting mindset.

The same goes to our journey. As soon as we see someone else overcoming the same “impossible” obstacles we are facing, our mindset shifts. We begin to believe that we too can win – that victory is not a lofty dream or unrealistic expectation. It’s a fact that we can reach it. Victory shifts from “impossible” to very possible. Our mindset changes. Our attitude changes. And our behavior changes the moment we believe we can overcome it.

Everyone around us takes notice. They see the change in our eyes and determination in our hearts. A spark is lit within them after seeing us turn our “impossible” into victories, and they begin to apply within their own life. The spark becomes a flame, then a wildfire within their lives, creating one giant positive chain reaction

That’s how the world is changed for the better – one life at a time.

But that change starts with a single spark – a spark created by you. The Goliath standing in front of you this evening may be one of sheer magnitude. The obstacle may have knocked you down numerous times, and maybe this very moment you’re questioning if you can keep going. I beg you to get back up. We need you to keep going. You see, the more you compete and push forward, the more we’re inspired by you.

And someone out there right now within your network and within this Compete community is watching your struggle and how you continue to respond to it. They used to feel alone, as if they were facing an impossible goal, but after seeing you & hearing your story, their mindset changed. They are empowered that they can win. The positive chain reaction you sparked is now going beyond you into them and their network.

Your struggles, your mishaps, your obstacles are your opportunity to create a positive impact on others.

Don’t give up. Your “impossible” situation is a very winnable one. We believe – I believe in you. Keep competing.

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