Improving Dating, Interviewing and Test Taking Apprehension

December 12, 2012

Think of those times when you had an upcoming test to take, a pending interview, or a date. Now, specifically think of the week prior, the day before, the morning of, the drive there, walking the last few steps… and then during the event.


It is very likely that most people had worries, fears, self-doubts, and other negative thoughts for the duration of these times. And, since our body reacts to our thoughts, then you probably also experienced anxiety, sweaty hands, shaky voice, confused thinking, difficulty in memory recall, and tension in parts of your body like your shoulder and jaw. Obviously, if you go into any important event with these types of thoughts and physical reactions, you aren’t bringing your best you. The person you have become is a weak representative of the greatness that really exists within you. You have allowed negative thoughts to not only control the moments leading up to the event but the outcome of the event. All, of which, tremendously decreases your level of success.

For a test taker, this means forgetting information (you really haven’t forgotten it, you just aren’t able to recall it as easy), self-doubt when having to make a decision between to answers, information confusion between similar topics, raised blood pressure, and an aching, tense body.

For an interview, the outcome is just as dreadful. Worries, fears, and self-doubts have led to lack in confidence which is obvious in a person’s posture, mannerisms, eye contact, and brief answers. Stuttering and shaky voice when speaking those short comments that are, likely, not well thought out. And we can’t forget those lovely, sweaty hands for that slimy, hand shake.

Do we even need to address the sad first date? Combine all the above mentioned issues and the outcome is one pitiful first impression that probably won’t lead to a second date.

How to Improve

The moment you schedule or are aware of an important upcoming event, deliberately think of the positives, both in the event and in yourself! There is always something good and positive to think about. Even if you already have concerns due to previous experiences which have led to a lack in your confidence, believe in yourself and in a good outcome anyways. This may seem awkward, but, just by doing this, you drastically increase the likelihood of success compared to if you didn’t think positive. Funny thing… but very true!

Try it out for yourself, start with something small. Find proof that it works and then you will be excited and confident to try it for the more important events of your life!

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