Interfaith Study Group in Fernandina Beach

January 17, 2013

Have you, like me, been seeking a better understanding of the many faiths and religions?

Then I have the group for you… we are calling ourselves an Interfaith Study Group and we are just starting to come together. We have only met once and are starting to meet every other Tuesday 10:00am – 11:30am ET (next gathering January 22nd)

We are extremely excited and looking forward to sharing this exploratory and expository spiritual journey with you. Even if you don’t live in Fernandina Beach, we can Skype you in! Please RSVP at or 904-753-0640



1.  To explore and learn about all religions, faiths, and spiritualities, as we seek to gain a better understanding of similarities among all beliefs.

2.  To consider how this knowledge relates to our own spiritual lives, as well as its effects globally and universally.



1. Through the study group, gain knowledge through readings, discussions, and possible direct experiences.

2. Gain further personal understanding through expository expression (writing, art, music, dance). Note: the expository element is not a requirement for participation in the group, but suggestions may be made or shared on how others have further enhanced their understanding of spiritual experiences and knowledge.


Group Discussions:

Tuesdays, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT

Once every other week in Fernandina Beach, FL and on Skype.

Specific location TBD (for now – on a week to week basis depending on availability and size of group)



Initially, one religion or spiritual belief system will be discussed each meeting.

Continued exploration on a topic or aspect might be planned, based on interest.


Discussion Leader’s role:

Assigned Discussion Leaders will devise 6 discussion questions based on the readings, plus lead the discussion for the religious/spiritual subject.  Anything that the Discussion Leader wants to bring to the party is welcome. Encouraging and engaging open discussion during the study group is a top priority.


Schedule of Upcoming Group Discussions:

Date and Discussion Leader             Religious/Spiritual Subject and Reading(s)

1/22/13 Dawn                                     The Primal Religions

Read chapter in The Worlds Religions


2/5/13   Cheryl D.                               Taoism

Read chapter in The Worlds Religions


2/19/13 Cheryl W.                               Buddhism

Read chapter in The Worlds Religions and How the Great Religions Began


3/5/13   Amy                                       Judaism

Read chapter in The Worlds Religions and How the Great Religions Began




2 Books have been selected for the group initially.  More books/readings/outings may be recommended for further study for subsequent discussions.

(Note: you can purchase these books as e-books and download them instantly on your reader)


  • The Worlds Religions by Huston Smith (2009; publisher HarperOne)

  • How the Great Religions Began  by Joseph Gaer (1981; Dodd Mead)



All are welcome. RSVP is encouraged, so space in location or group Skype can be planned.



January 7, 2013.  This is an organic group and will grow and adjust based on interest.

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