Joy is Attainable

June 12, 2014

June’s Theme is Less Stress, Greater Joy

Today I am blogging about how to live joyfully in your life; go about your day getting a little more enjoyment out of it. Today’s quote is by Marianne Williamson which I am sure you have all heard of her. She is a successful business woman who has written nearly a dozen best sellers. The quote is: Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” And the funny thing is, it is amazing to pause for a second and really let those words seep into our consciousness. So many people in this world do not look at their lives with joyful intent. Many people, choose to look toward their future for success and joy rather than focusing on the good things of the moment. So many people we know are constantly looking. Looking for a better job, looking for a rewarding career, looking to win a championship, looking for love. Those people are held back by the future. They think once those things are achieved, they will finally know joy. So much thought and energy go into making lofty goals, and while that is not a bad thing, people often put emphasis the wrong things. All these other things that are attainable are outward displays. People often believe that happiness will come when they have what they are trying to attain. So it comes to no surprise that when the goal is finally reached, the people are not happy. They are not living joyfully.

The future is unknown. The life lessons that are artfully spun into each of our lives are not visible. There is no way to know the future; so who is to say that once you buy that new house, or get that new job you will be happy? So many times people get stuck in this trap. Always looking toward outward things for their joy. Joy starts on the inside.

Life is a series of learning experiences. If you go into those experiences with joy, with positivity, then you will get much more out of those happenings. If you go in with an open mind, you are already aware of the process and you will perceive the lesson with much better results. Some lessons are short, some are long, but if you have that awareness in the process, you will actually be able to absorb much more. Being present in each moment in life will help you to cope with life’s little challenges. If you haven’t read Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s Purpose, you should. This book talks about practicing to live in the now. So many people get caught up in the future but what Eckhart tries to teach us is that all we really have is this moment. This very second. This very breath. That is all we really know for sure. So many people are indifferent to their breathings, their existences, their souls’ purpose. They graze through each day waiting to get to the next day. So many people are oblivious to the fact that each moment is a gift.

What are you doing this very moment? Are you sitting? Standing? Eating? Breathing? To experience the precious gift of life, take a moment to understand that each and every gesture, action or reaction we have will become part of your life from your inner-most being to the universal truths. Use all of your senses to completely experience this moment. At any time, if you are feeling disconnected or you want to ground yourself, use your senses. Visually notice what you see around you. If you are sitting outside, look at the trees, the grass, the waves. Listen to all the sounds you hear. There are faint sounds that you have probably learned to tune out. If you are outside, do you hear birds? Notice the fragrances or aromas in the air. What is the temperature of the air on your skin? How do you feel emotionally? Take this opportunity to be present in this moment. Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. In this moment, in this experience, joy is present. Always. Through every situation, learn to find the joy. Stop looking outwardly for your joy. Take a moment to use your senses and really appreciate each moment you live. The future will not give you joy. Joy comes from inside.

Go ahead and brainstorm for ten minutes today and write down all the things that you can think of that cause you to be grateful in life. The ordinary, the extraordinary, and the simple things. Every single minute detail of your life is what you make it to be. Write all the things that you are grateful for. When you first start doing this, your tendency is to think of the obvious things but I challenge you to keep adding to it. Try to add at least five unique things to that list every single day. I can guarantee you that by doing this, by experiencing life in each moment, you will be more joyful. You will know happiness and peace. Your life experiences will change. The fact that you are a living, breathing gift will bring you joy.

There are so many extraordinary things about life, living and experiencing these lessons. We take a lot of things for granted. Counteract that with gratitude and joy. Be joyful to wake in the morning. Be joyful to walk to school, or work, or that you have two legs to do so. Decide to live joyfully. Be joyful to experience your lunch or dinner today. You can use the senses exercise above to help you. When you choose to live life joyfully your attitude will change. Life is extraordinary. Even in the smallest detail, there is an extraordinary quality that exists within it. Start viewing life that way. By feeling joy in each moment, by practicing gratitude, by recognizing how great life is, you will have this phenomenon of opening up to a higher experience of living. It becomes more spiritual, more positive. You will notice that you will attract even more good into your life. I am a believer in the Law of Attraction. Being aware of the things within your existence will lead you to self discovery and living joyfully. Awaken to these small details. Keep in mind what you desire for your life experiences. Each and every one of us has a uniqueness that drives us to get up in the morning and go about our days. However, if you awaken to the simple pleasures and small extraordinary details of your life, those things will evolve. Recognize the gifts that you’ve been given. Express those gifts in your life. Explore your preferences and get comfortable with recognizing them. Then begin to be present and positive in each moment. See each moment in joy.

Each time you feel caught up in a stressful situation, stop and use your senses. Breath. Be thankful. Be joyful. Marianne was right. Joy is attainable when you realize just how good you have it. If you would like help in any of these areas in your life, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. Thanks for reading. InJoy your day!

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