Let It Begin With Me… begins

August 08, 2014

Well, I don’t know about you all…
But I’ve reached my spilling over point.

The World is our school (all of ours)
We had a few bullies in the halls,
Their numbers are growing.
WE are afraid to leave our rooms.

How would we handle this if it were happing in our local High School?

What applies on a small scale, works on a large scale.

Consequences must occur, we are humans with egos… It’s in our nature. Without natural, logical consequences our egos will run wild. But it’s not just about consequence, it’s about teaching, modeling, and expanding the numbers of those of us that value acceptance, and who desire happy, healthy lives.

In the same manner as above, we can’t expect global acceptance unless we practice it on smaller scales.

In our homes, in our relationships, in our neighborhoods:
We can learn how to agree to disagree, and learn to listen so we can hear that we have the same core values…

We can learn how to recognize that each of us are unique and entitled to our own preferences…

We can learn how to be kind to each other even when another isn’t doing things the way we would have wanted him to…

We can learn how to let go of the regrets of the past, and the worries of the future…

We CAN learn how to live virtuous lives with Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Kindness

If the global millions of the WE (those of us that value living happy, healthy lives) started today to work on our own practice of virtues… WE would immediately effect our inner circles, which would immediately effect their inner circles, compounding exponentially!

True Change would occur.

But Living The Virtues is easier said then done. And I plan to help. I can’t sit around & watch our glorious world and all it’s beautiful people crumble under fear and evil.

I’m starting a Movement, I hope you join… Details to come

Let it begin with me!


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