Live a Long Healthy Active Life

March 08, 2014

March’s Theme is Health and Weight Loss

How motivated are you to live a long healthy active life? It seems to me that most people are pretty content with getting up, and going about their same daily routine; going to bed at night only to turn around and repeat the same thing the following day. The next thing you know, most of their lives have gone by. They aren’t necessarily as healthy or as active or as fit as they’d like to be in order to live the kind of life that they want to live. Now I have met plenty of people that have said; “well, you gotta die of something,” and they defend their rights to eat unhealthy foods and ingest unhealthy beverages or smoke cigarettes or not exercise. I wonder how many of them really are that interested in not living a long healthy active life. I would guess that most of them probably haven’t stopped long enough in their day-to-day routines to realize that time is passing by and they are not taking good care of their bodies. To live a long healthy active life, you’ve got to do something. Plenty of people don’t particularly care about their lives or they are miserable with their circumstances and maybe they would like their lives to be over sooner rather than later and if that is the case, I can help them to enjoy life once again or for the first time ever in their lives. But for the rest of the folks who may be oblivious about health issues, maybe aren’t taking the best care of themselves or not even putting much thought into it; they have made efforts to take care of themselves based on the information that has been fed to them. Only to find out now that they aren’t really that healthy and if they continue down a certain path they will not live a long healthy active life.

I see this elderly lady in the picture here doing the yoga postures. First of all, how cool is that? Secondly, that is how I want to be! I want to live a long healthy active life. Life has so much to offer. There is so much I want to see and do and experience. I could almost guarantee that if I eat unhealthful and if I don’t exercise and if I don’t sleep well and if I fill my body with poisons such as nicotine or alcohol, I won’t be like that old lady in the picture. I could write it in ink that I won’t be living a long healthy active life. It is more in your control than I think most people realize. Make a choice. Make a change to do what is within your power so that you can contribute to the likelihood that you will live a long healthy active life.

What I have come to see through my many years of research and working with clients is that it is a lot more than eating healthy according to standards that aren’t really that healthy. It is a lot more than whether or not you are exercising. It is a combination of all of this as well as your mental attitude. There are two great books titled Biology of Belief and The Wisdom of Your Cells both by Bruce Lipton that have shown us there are connections between the health of the cells of our bodies and our thoughts and belief-systems. I recommend this book frequently because of how well the author paints the picture and explains the connections between our minds and our bodies.

When I look at this lady in these postures I see health, I see her as a representation of a long healthy active lifestyle. She obviously exercises regularly. Exercise is an important element. Eating healthful (meaning that you disregard the government food pyramid) is an important element. Drinking water is an important element. These things are also pointed out extremely well in The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy. Our sleep pattens also help us live healthy active lifestyles. Our mental attitudes and our thoughts and belief systems determine our level of healthy living. These five things we can control. These five things can ensure the likelihood of living a long healthy active life. I am here to help you with every single one of them. I have products available Motivation to Change Hypnosis and becoming available that will aid you with every single element I have mentioned above. These five elements will enable you to live a long healthy active life. I think life is worth living. I think life is worth living pain-free, not limited. Living a life full of energy, strength, and a healthy body is attainable. I look forward to helping you live a long healthy active life and to make it easier on you so that you can implement the changes easily, quickly and effectively.


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