Living the Virtues Series: Trust in Self

October 04, 2014

Trust in Self

    I picked this quote to share with you today because I feel like it gives you directions on how to trust yourself. So many people don’t learn to trust in self until they are a lot older. This quote is very detailed and specific. It will help you to understand how you learn to trust yourself. “Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while at first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.”  This quote is an instruction manual. People that are just learning to trust in self really don’t know where to begin. It is looking inward that is one of the most difficult things to accomplish as a human being. Oftentimes when one does develop a deep introspection, trust in self will be discovered.




   For a lot of people who have gone their whole adult lives without trusting, there is a lot of self-doubt built up. These adults are confused about what voice to listen to, or indecisiveness about their hearts and minds. The analytical mind will start to twist things. There is a mis-trust in their minds. There are a lot of clients in my past that do not trust themselves to make a healthy decision. Especially when it comes to relationships. I have heard from friends, clients, and family that so-and-so will never date again or have friends again because of the hurt they suffered or the pain they caused. The funny thing with our lives is that people fail to realize that whatever happens to you; that is your path. It was created for a reason. You can choose to learn from it or harbor misguided trust for the rest of your life.

     Trust in self is learning to listen to that inner voice or your gut-feeling. Admitting the fact that we all have gut-feelings is truly a life-changing occurrence. When one truly realizes that there is such a thing as intuition, gut-feeling, inner voice, a whole new world of possibilities blooms. It is exciting to know that the intuitive part of yourself is waking up! Trusting those gut feelings is that energy within us that responds to thoughts. This energy will give you feedback to help you stay on track that is conducive to your life’s purpose. It will also give you signals when things are not right.

     As the quote suggests, learning how to follow your heart involves a certain quietude that you must develop. Listen to what your heart is saying. Feel what your heart is saying. Use your senses internally and externally to extol the energy in your body. Ask questions, feel the answer. Implementing this into your life will bring about a change for the better.

      As you know, Living the Virtues Series is supposed to help you become more in tune with yourself, your thoughts, your spirit, your body. Virtues are important little tidbits of character that are essential to the core happiness in your life. I have blogged on Honesty, Acceptance, and Forgiveness. Today starts the month of Trust. As with the previous blogs, I give self suggestions, or small affirmations to say throughout the day. These are meant to say and meditate on to help you implement this virtue into your life, but also to counteract negative thoughts. Today’s affirmations are: “I trust in myself.” “I trust my intuitive insights and bodily energies.” “I trust what my heart has to say.” “I listen to my inner voice and trust it’s advice.” Choosing to repeat one of these daily throughout the week will help you encounter trust in self. You will ask inward questions and learn to wait, listen, and heed the advice of the heart. Practice these this week and let me know what happens. Thanks for reading. InJoy your day!

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