Love Is Life and Life Is Love

February 19, 2014

February’s Theme is Love vs Fear

Leo Buscaglia was a well-known lecturer who passed away in 1998. His sole purpose was to spread the word on how to live a happy, health, joyful, life in love. He was often referred to as “Dr. Love.” He wrote a book called Love and I was first introduced to him when a college professor made us read it. It ended up being one of the best books I have ever read. If you want to experience creativity in your life, reading this book is not a bad way to start. This teaches you to live life more fully and to experience life which is ultimately to experience love. There are a lot of people that feel like we evolve in life, spiritually, habitually, relationship-wise. We are all moving towards greater love. Experiencing love more fully, completely is worth the effort. Learning how to love yourself, love your environment, love your life, love the people in your life. Love is acceptance, which includes forgiveness, awareness, etc. The quote is: “Love is life.  And if you miss love, you miss life.”

     There are so many things I have written about how to change your life, how to change your thought process, experience them in a positive manner and increase your awareness so that you can live life to the fullest and enjoy all the amazing, wonderful things going. Each of us is unique. Finding that acceptance of yourself and awareness of yourself is a big step in the right direction. Even accepting the past, and the choices that you have made have an effect on your future endeavors. It’s being able to recognize those choices, to learn from them, to be aware of them that will help you discern your life in the present and future. Our intentions change throughout life. We learn, we grow, hopefully we become wiser. If you are spending time upset about who you are, what you have done, it is time to let those fears go and become the person God designed you to be. You cannot live in love and joy if you are hanging on to them. Recognize that you are who you are today, based on your life choices and experiences. We learned through the challenges we faced. So your job is to apply that knowledge and wisdom to see that you are evolving and growing towards a better you.

      If you feel stagnant, take a look at your life and see what you are holding onto. Our instincts are to become better, greater in love because love is life and if you miss love you miss life. The only reason to miss out on a life of love is if you have shut your mind off to it. Love exists at all times; within you and around you. Some people say that God is love, and He has the potential to live in all of us, if we choose to let Him. Again, if your beliefs are as such, then you have love within you. The only thing that would cause you to miss love is if your thoughts got in the way of what your heart truly wants. Let not your thoughts be negative, it causes doubt and limitations. It is a choice that we make to open our minds to awareness and deliberately foster the positive thoughts. There are still others that may never in their lifetime recognize that their thoughts control them and those people, sadly, will never experience a life of love. If you search for truth, and you are not a robot or a “sleepwalker” as Eckhart Tolle would say, then you desire a life of love.

     Just as I have written above, all these different types of people are proof that we are trying to change, evolve, if you will, towards love. All of us have met a person that is so accepting of self and others. As if he or she is more connected in life, he or she has an appreciation for life and love that we admire. Peaceful and kind in nature, he or she has the ability to make you feel a peace within yourself. That type of person is experiencing love being life.

     Make it a mission today for yourself, to become more aware, to connect to life to weed out negative thoughts and replace it with goodness and joy in your life and within yourself. You will always have a choice. Choose to love people in your life. Choose to surround yourself with the same type of loving people. Choose to love life. That way you can absorb a life of love. If you want to break free from oppressive thoughts, surround yourself with loving people and choose to accept your circumstances. Then move forward with positive thoughts and people. Make good choices for your health and well-being. Make a choice to be more loving. Be more aware of the thoughts in your mind. Live a life of love. Have a loving day!


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