March’s Theme: Health and Weight Loss

March 01, 2014

For March I’ve decided to address health and weight loss as a theme. Over the years in private practice, weight loss has been one of the most common areas for which folks seek my help. What has been interesting (and aggravating) is I can help someone stop smoking in one session and then, in the next session, see little progress with a weight-loss client. This was discouraging to me since I got involved with Hypnosis due to its ability to rapidly effect change.

I went on a personal mission starting in 2009 to debunk the weight-loss myths and to find the truth. Soon I learned that common sense in eating habits is very uncommon, and that the diet industry is making billions of dollars while misguiding the masses.

I’ve come to feel bad for those trying to lose weight, who have fallen victim to the industries lies and misinformation.

When you start to learn about the body and it’s needs (and also the lack of understanding regarding this information), the fact that there is an obesity epidemic is no longer surprising. So many people are discouraged and have lost hope.

I want to help! I see now how comprehensive of an issue it is of being overweight. It’s not about eating smaller portions or using some quick-fix or fad diet.

After much research, and personal trial and error; I am now a huge proponent of helping people learn about and implement the eating of nutrient-dense foods; as well as supporting them in the day to day grind of how to change their eating habits so as to have fine-tuned, high functioning body parts; and rapid, healthy weight loss.

But we can’t just stop there because it’s more than just our eating habits. We need to also address motivation to make change, exercise motivation, proper hydration, and healthy (and easy) grocery shopping. All of these habits are addressed with my varying Hypnosis Products.

I am here to help you make change easily and swiftly. Together we can make common sense in eating habits common!

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