Mind Over Chatter: Check Your Thoughts

September 06, 2014

Less Stress, Greater Joy

     Want an advantage in life? There is a mental concept that exists and affects your life. In every aspect of your day, your mind goes through millions of thoughts. The quote that I chose today is befitting to this month’s theme of Less Stress, Greater Joy because it has to do with our thoughts, our perceptions and things that are within and out of our control. Today’s quote is by John Homer Miller. It pertains to the positive or negative nature of your thoughts. Your mindset is one of your greatest liabilities, but has the potential to be your greatest asset. I am a huge advocate of how you think can determine your well being, in every facet, from mind to spirit and in between. A positive mindset can be your greatest asset.


     John Homer Miller wrote: “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. Circumstances and situations do color life, but you have been given the mind to choose what colors they will be. This is a really well-stated quote. Life brings a variety of things to your journey. There are challenges and opportunities, ups and downs, all sorts of twists and turns. Imagine you are up at bat. Do you know what the pitcher is going to throw you? The future is uncertain, you do not know when life will throw you a curve ball. Your options are many, but it’s the mind that has prepared the most that will reap the benefits. If you are at the plate thinking: If that pitcher throws me a curveball, I won’t be able to hit it, then you are held back by the thoughts in your mind. You won’t hit it, because your psyche has talked you down. That kind of attitude wreaks havoc. Not just for the batter, but for his or her life. Anxiety, stress, tension, those are just a few things that build up in your body from those kinds of thoughts. Negative thoughts are unhealthy. They will actually release chemicals into your body that are carried to every cell. Your thoughts and your attitudes affect not only the situation, but your body as well. You can choose to think this way, get stressed out, get worked up, and it will affect your life, not just your game. You can choose to to think positively, and it will make the same impression, only a healthy one– with joy and happiness.


      Your living isn’t determined by the curveballs. It is determined by your state of mind. Your mind looks at things a lot differently than you perceive. You’ve got so many synapses and gray cells in between the skull that it held biological and physiological secrets for many years. I am sure there is a story in your past that can give you a clearer picture than perhaps I am painting. Try thinking about that and determine if you thought the outcome was something you wanted, years later, does it make sense to you why it happened that way? Did you learn a lesson from it? Grow from it? Accept it and move on?


      One does not know what is to come, but one can be aware of his or her attitude and state of mind at each moment that creates either turmoil or peace. This happens all the time. People create a pattern of behavior in their lives and their lives present greater challenges and greater health risks, all because of their mindset. Wouldn’t you like to experience life from a place of joy? So that no matter what curveball comes your way, you can take a step back and make a positive decision or action. Even in the down times, or the challenges and difficulties, we can be aware of your attitude. Will it hurt you or help you? If your mindset is negative, it will hurt. If your mindset is positive, it will help you cope and ultimately bring joy and peace.


     My website is designed to help you apply these little tidbits of wisdom into your life. Each and every one of my blogs is designed to give you a mental advantage. For free. I offer these things so that you can understand the mind and how the conscious mindset always like to be involved. I am encouraging you to start living a joyful life. John Homer Miller wrote that life is not without circumstances. Everyone knows that no matter who you are, what you believe in, and how you live, you will be faced with circumstances and situations. But here is the thing that people often forget. Just because you are facing a particularly difficult challenge doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s benefits. Some of the most challenging things hold the greatest gain. Do not let your mindset, your mental perceptions hold you back! As the quote above states, you can choose the color. What John meant was that you have a choice. Choose to live in positivity. If you find yourself choosing negative thoughts, redirect them. Consider how they are affecting all of you, from the inside of your body, to your outward relations.


        I want to encourage you to apply these great things into your life. I want you to start focusing on how to make healthy decisions and thoughts. Choose to open up your mind. Get rid of stress. Get rid of negative mindsets. Replace that with things that will bring joy, happiness, peace. It is more than worth it for you. It is a great advantage to living a healthy life. I want to help you in any way I can. I offer advice blogs, downloadable products and also private and public sessions. Thanks for reading. InJoy your day!

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