Motivation To Change

March 04, 2014

March’s Theme is Health and Weight Loss

I know that it is difficult to make change. I know this as a professional more than most people realize. People seek out hypnotherapy usually as a last resort. They have typically tried everything else without success. Just because most people have so many misconceptions about hypnosis; it is not what they first seek out. Now, there are plenty of people that seek out hypnosis for change because they know it works and they are already familiar with it. But a majority of people seek it out as a last resort. I hear lots of stories and receive lots of information from people regarding how many times they have tried to make a change. How many obstacles that they’ve hit, how many times they have gotten their hopes up only to find failure once again. These people start to formulate beliefs in their minds that they probably wont ever succeed at this change they want. Or they’ll have a belief such as: “Well, I can probably only go ten days without smoking,” or “I have lost thirty pounds and then I put it back on again.” So many manifested failed attempts end up being very discouraging.     With all of these attempts that reap very little results people are left feeling burnt-out. They are left feeling hopeless. They wonder if they will ever be able to make that change and a lot of them decide that it will never happen. This is so very obvious regarding weight loss clients. There are so many fad diets that have come and gone and we have seen tremendous sales of these products but in the end, they do not work. There is so much marketing and misinformation out there that it is believed to be reliable but the more you research, the more you realize you were being misguided. There are efforts being put forward for multi-billion-dollar industries that would not succeed if their jobs were to be built on truth and reliability. People who market products count on your naive nature to help them become a booming industry.

With weight loss, so many people are burnt-out on trying. They have lost their drive, hope, and will. Then they end up rationalizing and coming up with excuses for why they are overweight or why they can’t make the change. Things like: “Well, this is what happens when you reach forty,” or “This is what happens after you have kids,” “I’m overweight just like all the other women or men in my family.” These are the rationales that help people feel better when they have tried to lose weight and weren’t able to do so. I want to help you take that first step. I want to help you get back your motivation and hope. I want you to know that you can succeed at whatever change you are ready to take on right now. I help you to identify your main motivations; meaning the ultimate reasons why you want to make this change. In my Motivation To Change Hypnosis audio.   I help you to see yourself having succeeded at many other things that you have put your mind to during your life. I boost your confidence, your courage, strength, drive, and determination. All the areas that have been wounded through previous experiences that didn’t give you the results you wanted are absolved. I would like for you to start here, with this Motivation To Change Hypnosis.  Whenever you are ready to make a profound and healthy change, or if you find you are up against some of your own mental blocks that have sabotaged your efforts to take on your newest change. I wish you well. I wish you much success. I wish you much confidence, strength, courage, determination, and all these wonderful things that will help you get over that speed-bump to actually overcome it and bulldoze through it with lots of strength and motivation to change.


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