Never Give Up! Overcame Adversity with Jim Abbott – MLB

March 29, 2017

Jim Abbott probably faced a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. What was it? He was a major league pitcher who had the ultimate skill of being able to throw a baseball with only one arm, and a stump on the other. He was one of a few players who had never been demoted to the minor leagues. Over his American League career, he had two different tenures with California and Chicago, as well as a stop with the New York Yankees. On September 4, 1993 he pitched a no-hitter with the Yankees against the Cleveland Indians. He also played briefly in the National League with the Milwaukee Brewers. In National League parks, pitchers have to hit for themselves instead of using a DH. He recorded 2 hits in 21 at-bats for them, swinging with only hand. He truly was a sports icon for generations to look up to and admire.


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