PGA TOUR Pros 219% Increase in Earnings After Dawn Grant Mental Training

August 19, 2013

The essence of Dawn Grant’s work with Golf Pros and other top competitive sports icons, is reflected their earnings. Since 2007 Dawn has worked with well over 2 dozen PGA TOUR Pros, many of whom have won on Tour during the time they worked with Dawn. After seeing repeated miraculous and quick improvements with her Pro athlete clients, Dawn requested a professional number cruncher to assess the stats of her PGA Tour Pro clients. The results are remarkable.

When comparing several PGA Tour Pros stats from 5 months prior to working with Dawn to the 5 months after working with Dawn, the results seemed clear… 219% clear!

Check out this graph that shows an

average 219% increase in earnings for PGA Tour Pros!

Yes, it’s hard to ignore these numbers!


And what you don’t see in this graph is that Vijay Singh, who made an additional $2.5 million in the 5 tournaments after working with Dawn, also won the entire FedEx Cup Championship, earning himself a total of 13 MILLION dollars.

Here’s another way to look at the numbers!

For Dawn’s PGA Tour Pro clients, their average income per tournament, when comparing 2 months before working with Dawn to 2 months after working with Dawn,

increased by an average of 560%!

Numbers don’t lie!

Mental training is not just for the Pros… the mind is the mind, is the mind. It doesn’t matter who you are, what sport you play, or what level you play it at; Dawn’s mental training can give you a HUGE advantage over your competition!

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