Positive Attitude and Positive Thinking

November 26, 2012

As a mental trainer and hypnotherapist in private practice, many of the clients who come to my office are adults. Adults who do not have a positive attitude and feel they are out of control of some aspect of their life. They feel they are a victim of negative attitudes, patterns of thinking, or habits.

Negative patterns in thinking are forms of self-talk which are limiting in nature, even when a person has good intentions for themselves or their life, they can be stuck in a rut of negative thoughts which leads to a negative attitude. Examples of such thoughts are, “I am not smart enough,” “I am not good enough” or “I can’t do that.”

When a person has spent years repeating negative thoughts or habits, the reinforcement causes these thoughts and actions to go on autopilot, repeating in a seemingly mindless pattern in one’s life. When reinforced they then grow into unhealthy, negative attitudes. One then steps in life and situations believing they will do poorly and expecting to fail. This kind of expectation continually inhibits one’s success.

What is interesting to me is that people have minimal knowledge of how to stop this vicious negative cycle. People have little awareness that their thought patterns are affecting them and their life in this manner. And sadly, they have little to no understanding of how to deliberately improve their thoughts and perceptions and, therefore, their lives.

So now that you understand the challenge faced by many adults, imagine how different our lives could have been if we understood from a young age the power of our mind and the concepts of positive thinking! I am honored to be offering my mental training program to the students of IJGA, educating them in the basic understanding and implementation of these principals.

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