Quit Sleepwalking Through Your Life

December 16, 2012

Are you sleepwalking through your life?

How much of your life is spent thinking and believing things like:

    I will be happy once I have that house/car.
    Things are awful because I am losing my house/car!
    I’m not successful because I am not as far in my career as I should be!
    The economy is crashing, this is tragic, we won’t be able to have the things we are suppose to have.

Generation after generation of people believing happiness can only be felt once one has made it to a certain stage or position in life, or once I have THE job, THE house, THE car, and… the list is endless, leading to an endless pursuit of false happiness. Feeling like I am not good enough unless I have these things, and life is not good enough unless I have these things. Well, enough is enough, literally and figuratively!

What we are experiencing with our economy is a direct reaction to this way of thinking and believing. If you look up from this article right now and see the people around you, you will observe them sleepwalking through life, zombies shuffling down the street, and bodies moving like robots. Most people are so caught up in the thoughts in their mind, the shoulda/ coulda/ woulda’s and the what-ifs, they are disconnected from the amazing things present in that moment, both within them and around them.

It’s time to Wake Up!

Rather than buying a key to that house or car, or being upset that the key to your house or car is being taken away from you, recognize it was never yours to begin with. It really didn’t and never will hold the key to your happiness. See it this way… you borrowed that book of knowledge and now you are returning it. The wisdom you have gained is priceless. The recognition that the simple things in life bring far greater joy and their only cost is your time and awareness of them.

Awareness is the key that opens the door to THE wonderful, fancy, glitzy, shiny life that is patiently awaiting you to wake up and be present in it. Awareness of: being present in moments, negative thoughts and riding oneself of them, the silver lining that exists at all times, the uniqueness in each of us – acceptance of ourselves and others, the many simple things in life to feel grateful for, and the incredible feelings in our bodies from just being alive.

As a parent, the greatest gift we can give our children is having a parent that is present in life, living moments positively and fully. Your child deserves this gift.

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