Reading the Terrain Six Inches Between Your Ears

December 05, 2012

Golfers have heard things like, “Golf is 90% mental” and “Check the six inches between your ears,” but many of them don’t know how to read that terrain. Mental states, such as: attitude, confidence and doubt, affect everything you do, including how you perform on the golf course.

Those PGA TOUR professionals who have become the best in the world have the skills, mechanics, drive and determination to get them to this elite level. Like all golfers, they continue to work on their technique regularly. But it is only the ones that have gained mastery over their mental states who consistently remain at the top. At all levels of play, it is the golfers who have learned to manage things like their mood, attitude, beliefs, and confidence that manage their game the best. Those that experience consistent positive mental states play consistently well.

Tiger Woods is a prime example of this right now. Tiger has proven beyond any and all doubt that his golf game is mechanically sound. He works on his technique regularly, and over the years has received assistance and instruction from Hank Haney, together they have successfully tweaked areas that needed it, and Tiger has won numerous tournaments.

What is different for Tiger Woods right now?
His mental state!

The difficulties he is experiencing with his swing and game are directly associated with his mind set. They are the physical manifestation of his decreased confidence, depressed mood, doubt and fear. Nobody can separate the mind from the body, not even Tiger. There are direct and instant physical reactions to all thoughts, feelings and emotions. The last person to blame is Hank, once Tiger gets some good mental help, his game will be back on track.

All golfers can learn from watching Tiger and what he is going through. Begin to gather the evidence for yourself, observe his mental state and how it affects his play. There is no doubt in my mind this will evolve over time, and you will see that once he gains confidence and mental strength back he will begin winning again. In the meantime, like all of us, inconsistent mental states lead to inconsistent play.

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“Working with Dawn Grant has changed my attitude in my golf game, and it filtered into my life. She helped me eliminate my negative emotions on and off the golf course. I learned how to turn negative thoughts and emotions into positive energy which helps me get through rough times in life and rough goings with golf. I have learned so much from her teachings and ways to meditate, my life and golf game have turned around completely. Thanks Dawn!”
Brian Goff
Student-Athlete Hank Haney IJGA

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