Seminole Cup 2014

March 14, 2014

Seminole Cup Sporting Clay Tournament-Quail Creek Plantation February 20-23 2014 

Seminole Cup is one of the first events of the year that draws a large crowd in the clay shooting world. For many it is the first event of the year for which they are ready to dust off their shotguns and break some targets in the sunshine. This year, we had such a long, cold winter. I know everyone was looking forward to warm weather. Many were itching to shoot some clay. Fortunately, we had some wonderful weather. The sun was shining, the breeze was gentle. Quail Creek Plantation was a beautiful place for a tournament. I love it’s rustic nature, the log cabin style clubhouse, the outdoor eating area under the pavilion, wood chip pathways that weave through the trees and woods, and of course, the long visual stations on the course. All these visual components makes for great entertainment. Especially watching the shooters break the their targets. Many vendors who we love to see at all the events were present. This time I actually got some customized earplugs made from Granny herself. I actually can’t wait to receive them in the mail in the next few weeks. I am, of course, talking about the beloved Granny Sherman. Her kindness, ability to help with anything firearms, runs deep. She and her husband run PMS firearms. They have been traveling to events for many years.

I traveled down to Quail Creek with Tracy, my boyfriend. It was actually his very first Clay Shooting Tournament. It was great to watch him go from a slight curiosity to a distinct interest over the course of the weekend. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on a shotgun to see if he could come close to breaking a few of the targets flying through the air. Being that he is in a profession in which he is skilled at shooting a pistol he was curious to see if he could shoot a shotgun with the same level of efficiency as his hand gun.

Personally, I have had many shotgun lessons. Clay shooting with John Woolley, along with my son who also enjoys the sport. It is more fun than most people realize and it is quite a thrill to be able to break a target that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, flying through the air, speeding, watching it break into smithereens in the flash of a moment. It is very exciting and addictive. It was great fun going to Quail Creek Plantation and watch the greats shoot at the 2014 Seminole Cup.

We watched John Woolley and his famous FITASC abilities. We were amazed at how well he can smoke targets that were coming from all angles and at all speeds. John Wooly did finish first in FITASC veterans and was tied for first with Doug Vine. Doug Vine ended up winning in the shoot-off. He is quite the character. It was good fun to watch him as he made his way around the fields. Doug also won in 5-Stand at the Seminole cup, again at a shoot-off involving Kevin De Michiel. I was privileged to meet Anthony Matarese as so many of my clients work with him and have shared their experiences of learning from such a great shooter.

Wendell Cherry, of whom we watched frequently throughout the weekend, was not at the top of his game. It was clear he has a few areas to work on. Wendell is considered one of, if not the best, shooting instructor in the world. He has many students who look up to him, learn from him and shoot with him in competitions. He is a very sought after instructor and is the most photographed shooter in Clay Shooting Magazine. Wendell Cherry and John Woolley both refer me to a significant number of clients on a regular basis. Many of which were present at the Seminole cup, and I had the privilege of watching and cheering on as we drove around the different courses in our golf cart.

It is really great starting off the year with so many events here in Florida and within my driving distance. It is a fun way to kick things off, to root clients on, to meet new clients who are ready to get that extra advantage of peaking their mental skills. I look forward to working with many of them and meet many of you who have yet to start in this endeavor.


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