Sporting Clays Nationals Here I Come!

September 24, 2013

I am all booked and ready to go to the 2013 National Sporting Clays Championship, or more commonly referred to by competitors as “The Nationals.”

With several dozen active clients shooting the event and well over a hundred whom I have helped in the past or via my Clay Shooting Hypnosis Product Downloads, I am excited to see the mental part of my work in action! What it comes down to is not only who has the best mechanics, but who has the best mental game. Because as many of you know, you can’t have one without the other.

This premier Sporting Clays event is put on annually by the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA). October 22-27, in San Antonio, Texas, along the edge of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, competitors from around the world will be showing off their skills at the National Shooting Complex. Both the National Sporting Clays Association and The National Skeet Shooting Association are located here as well.

This is the biggest Sporting Clays event of the year, and this year they are breaking records with the number of registered participants, 4,000 last I heard. Yep, Sporting Clays is on the Rise! There are over 600 clubs nation-wide and that number is increasing every year.

Because Sporting Clays is so much like golf, there is a lot of cross-over between the two sports. It is believed that the rise in participants is partly due to the fact that anyone, at any age can get involved. I have many clients who are couples or married, they travel and compete at events together. Clay Shooting has been turning into a family game, with women being one of the quickest growing participants in the sport.

I am looking forward to seeing the shells flying and the smoke arising!

Hope to see many of you there!

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