Stop Smoking For GOOD is All Around a Good New Year’s Resolution

January 03, 2013

Stop Smoking for GOOD New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions usually involve getting rid of bad habits and/or adopting good habits with ultimate benefits. No wonder that quitting smoking is high on the list, combined with losing weight and picking up a workout regimen.

Picking up good habits is important but getting rid of bad and self destructive habits is even better. No matter if you do it for your skin, your teeth,your wallet or lungs, heart and overall health, isn’t is time to Stop Smoking for GOOD?

Did you know that smoking is our most preventable cause of disease and death? Also… have you thought about the amount of $$$ you could save, directly on buying cigarettes or indirectly on saving on teeth whitening and skin creams?

I use to smoke, so I know what it is like to try to quit… over and over and over again. That’s until I found hypnosis and was hypnotized in 2001 to be a non-smoker.

Since then, cigarettes have never had control over me again. It’s through my own experience and the 1,000s of clients I have helped stop smoking that I created a 3 part powerful, all-natural program, designed to help you end that Poisonous Habit.

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