August 25, 2023

I just completed 201.4 of the Optimal Clay Shooter's Mind Game Mastery.  I found this lesson to be a real eye-opener for me!  As an RN, I thought I had a good handle on how to manage stress and anxiety, and how it manifests in our bodies.  But I neglected to think about the "perceived" threats that create the very SAME physiologic reactions as "real" threats.  I am guilty as charged!  I harbor a multitude of fear-based thoughts and perceptions, that trigger and feed the Fight or Flight Response, and inhibit peak performance (in shooting and in life). Increased heart rate, shaking hands, muscle tension.  In shooting, I experience these symptoms primarily at competitions. Once I relax and let go of my unfounded fears, I can be more engaged and attentive.  In life, thoughts of certain social situations can elicit the same unfounded fears.  Once I'm there, (if I don't cancel, lol)  I'm perfectly fine!

Learning and utilizing the tools to combat these negative thoughts and fears is what Dawn is all about!  Onward and upward.....

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