Testimonials from Those in the Sports Industry

October 20, 2012

Read what those in the sport and sporting goods industry are saying about the services of Mental Trainer and Hypnotherapist Dawn Grant:

This is the World’s Best Putter. What a week! Especially for me. I’m just thankful for what happened last week and I am grateful for the sessions we had. I was following instructions very well and it paid off. I am very, very positive at this moment of my life in every way and form. I do read all the info that you have given to me and it plays an important role in the way I think, so thank you for that.
Vijay Singh, PGA TOUR Pro

Dawn has taught me to think and say positive suggestions to myself while playing. These suggestions are reinforced by the hypnotherapy. Things have changed for me with very little effort.”
Cameron Beckman, PGA TOUR Pro

Dawn has helped Ted with his whole game, really. I’ve seen Ted work with sports psychologists and the difference with Dawn was she put him in the hypnotic state, and was able to go back to things that were really deep-rooted in his mind about his confidence level … that’s really where she focused. I think what Dawn’s really brought to the table is finding the root of the problem mentally, confidence-wise, and letting him go out and be able to perform at the best of his ability. She’s helping him get to that level where he can keep his mind at peace and have confidence that his swing is where he wants it … and taking that confidence to the course and maintaining it throughout a round … and not only through a round but through an entire tournament.”
Mark Winkley, Golf Instructor to PGA TOUR Pro Ted Purdy

Working with Dawn Grant was really eye opening and exciting for me. She taught me how to self hypnotize and get into a place where I could perform my best. I believe everyone can learn a lot about themselves from working with Dawn, I know that I did.”
Laura Diaz, LPGA TOUR Pro

Having worked with Vijay for almost 2 years, I witnessed on a daily basis some of the challenges he faced with putting and the mental aspect of his game. After working with Dawn, Vijay had an obvious and complete positive change in his confidence, demeanor, and putting. Vijay went from suffering anxiety with putting to calling himself ‘the best putter in the world,’ winning FedExCup tournaments stroking putts over 35 feet, and ultimately becoming the2008 FedExCup Champion.”
Jeff Fronk, Personal Trainer to PGA TOUR Pro Vijay Singh
Fitness By Fronk

Dawn opened my awareness to the thoughts in my mind. It was one thing to know what I wanted to accomplish, but another to know that it’s the thoughts in my subconscious that can help me to attain those goals. Through hypnosis with Dawn I was able to reconfigure the wiring in my subconscious and reinforce more of what I wanted to see happen in my life. It’s been working for me ever since.”
Sean Poynter
World Champion Stand-Up Paddle Board Surfer

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