The Clay Shooter’s Winning Solution Modules, Lessons and Outcomes

December 14, 2015

Enjoy Performing & Get Consistent Results Without Ever Losing Focus

Cutting Edge Mental Training that will Revolutionize your Sporting Clays Game
5 Month Mental Training Program

Module 1: Peak Performance: The Mindset Of A Winner
1. Performance Improves In The Zone
2. Easily Access The Zone
3. Master The Mind To Help You Not Hinder You
4. 6 Tools To Get In The Zone Now
Module 2: Create Consistency Now
1. Escape Limitations
2. Focus: Stop Your Wandering Mind
3. Lock In On Targets
4. Your Thoughts Have Power, Use Them For An Advantage
Module 3: Focused And Proficient: Skills to Get You There
1. The Focus Loop: 4 Step Process
2. Ah, The Calm, Quiet Mind: Why Complaining And Avoiding Doesn’t Work
3. Proficiency And Peak Performance: 6 Elements You Must Have
4. Unstoppable: Positive Thinking And Visualization Used Effectively
Module 4: Consistent and Calm When Competing
1. The Miss: Move On Like A Champ
2. Focus On Being Your Best, Not On Your Score
3. Consistency: The 5 Skills That Create It
4. Genuinely Enjoy Being At A Tournament
Module 5: Mental Mastery
1. Move In And Out Of The Zone At Will
2. The Secret Weapon: Better Focus
3. Access Your Subconscious Mind’s Shooting Competency
4. Experience The Outcomes You Want
BONUS: Efficiency Achieved: Your All Encompassing Pre-Shot Routine


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