Why I Have Considered Myself Spiritual, Not Religious

January 17, 2013

I am excited to announce a new church in Fernandina: Unity Church

Did you know that it is a growing trend to consider one’s self Spiritual, Not Religious?

I have never been a fan of the question “What church do you go to?” because there seemed to be an underlying judgment or assumption waiting to spring like a tiger on my answer. I have never been defined by what church I attend, mainly because I haven’t attended one regularly. Over the years, I have learned that this scares many people… partly because they fear my fate, but also because they fear their assumption of what this must mean about what I DO believe. About 20 years ago I was even told that if I didn’t attend a church I must be a devil worshiper! Shocking conclusion!

Not attending a church regularly, is NOT because I lack in faith or a belief in a Higher Power… quite the contrary, God is a part of every decision I make, every move I make, and every moment of my day. I live in gratitude and worship God and the beauty that He has created in all my surrounding. To me, God is omnipresent and expressed through ubiquitous Love. My intention on my journey is to live everyday more compassionately, more kind, more accepting, more peaceful and more loving. This, to me, is the true essence of being a Christian and what allows me the capacity to live in the blissful state of Heaven on Earth. I seek to surround myself with those working as diligently on the same spiritual goals. Sadly, due to human ego, I have found that most churches have inserted fear and judgment into their doctrine and dogma, and the moment I experience this, I feel the need to move on. I have never stopped seeking though! For many years I have considered myself “Spiritual, not Religious,” and have found comfort in the teaching of wise ones like Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, Dalai Lama and Ghandi.

But here is the exciting update, my search may have finally led me to a place I can relate among others of like mind. I don’t have the slightest idea why my spiritual journey didn’t lead me to Unity Church (learn more about Unity Church at www.unity.org) sooner… but either way, this past Sunday I found myself among those living and seeking ever-increasing compassion, kindness, acceptance, peace and unconditional love. I felt like my journey had finally led me to a place of light and I look forward to returning.

Unity Church is now in Fernandina Beach! We are meeting every other Sunday at 7:30pm (the next gathering is January 27th). Held at the Dome Healing Center, 5024 First Coast Hwy. For more information, call 904-310-6502 or 904-415-0822

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