Your Happiness Depends On This ONE Thing…

June 02, 2017

Girl drawing smiley face on to a wall

Everyday we are looking for something that can make us happy, without knowing that the only one who is responsible for your happiness is YOU!

When we are happy we are on a different energetic level and we do a lot of things in a different way. We smile more and we take course of action with different happy energy. Without the happiness we would be unable to be as good as we are when we are truly happy. We simply vibrate on a higher level!

Happiness comes from different circumstances. For some people small things are enough to make them happy, like one look, one smile, one call or, even one hug.

Without happiness we would not know what is’s like to feel ALL that excitement!

Happiness is an inner feeling and inner job. It is our own choice and nobody has the right to make us feel different.

It is our choice as well to choose what kind of events we think about, either a happy event or something that makes us feel sad. But if you choose to be happy, you will be happy no matter the circumstances around you. The most important thing is that you should let yourself be happy, and to remember that you are the most important person on this planet.

Almost nobody thinks about what makes them happy, and I find this very important. Because if we know what causes happiness in ourselves, we should always try to do more of that. You don’t need others to make you happy, because you have yourself and there lies the real power that nobody can take away from you.

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Inside your mind and inside your head lies the reality of happiness. Remind yourself everyday of the following realities:

NOBODY CAN DEFINE YOU OR YOUR HAPPINESS – You are the one responsible about being yourself, and by this you define yourself. Don’t you ever give the power to others to define you and your happiness. You are what you are and only YOU present that to others. Never put your key to your happiness in some else’s pocket.

YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY – Yes! And this is the real power. You are unique, you have unique energy and the resources you need in order to be happy are already within you. Just dare to look inside and what you can find in there!

PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST – A lot of people think that perfection means happiness, but that’s far from the truth. You can always find something that is not perfect. The important is how they make us feel and in there lies the unlimited happiness. Don’t aim for perfection…. it doesn’t exist!

YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS – Of course there are moments when you concentrate yourself on some unhappy moments and this provokes in you unpleasant thoughts. However, you are not your thoughts. Be brave enough to fill you head only with positive structure.

YOUR BELIEFS ARE IMPORTANT – What you believe, you become. You are in control of everything. It’s up to you to decide whether YOU have everything you need to be happy, or you need an external factors to do that for you. It’s all in your belief system. Try fixing that first…

NOW IS THE MOMENT – You live in the present moment and you should take advantage of that. Only in the present moment we can respond immediately to do something in order to feel happy. The past and the future do not exist.

Everything is a choice and if you believe, you can make yourself happier whenever you want and wherever you are. Start with a happy attitude and believe in yourself. Stop being a victim of the circumstances around you, let go of all those things and start to feel deeper happiness.

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