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Dawn has worked with Competitive Athletes since 2008… That means she has had 1000’s of hours of conversations with them. She know what works for their success, she knows where they struggle, and she knows what to do to make them their best. After many years of sitting side by side with Olympians, Hall Of Famers, World Champions, National Champions… Dawn knows “3 Secrets Every Top Shooter Knows” and she wants to share them with you! Because you should know too!
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Includes 18 Corresponding Hypnosis Audios

  • 18 Corresponding Hypnosis Audios (Optimal)

  • Over 30 hours detailed weekly lessons

  • 20+ Course Videos (Up To 1 1/2 hours each)

  • 20+ sets of Printable course notes

  • 20 Minute Hypnosis for Transformation Audio

  • 20% Off Recommended Hypnosis Audios

  • Dialogue with Dawn Live Exclusive Access

  • Dawn Grant Mental Training & Hypnosis Network

  • Applicable Professionally & Personally

  • much more

module 1

create peak performance: the mindset of a winner


  1. Performance Improves In The Zone
  2. Easily Access The Zone
  3. Master The Mind To Help You Not Hinder You
  4. 6 Tools To Get In The Zone Now

what you will learn

  • My mental training process and its effective differences compared to traditional methods
  • Fundamentals of the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, and the limitations of the Ego
  • Fictions and truths about the Zone state
  • The 8 highly achievable Zone puzzle pieces which will help you to get in the Zone and stay there
  • Brain wave states and the benefits of Alpha, Theta states for optimal shooting performance
  • Performing from Subconscious vs. Conscious
  • Why you play better when you “don’t care” and how to learn to Let Go
  • The truth about Hypnosis and how you can use it to peak your performance
  • Stress and Anxiety vs. Calm and Present
  • Skill sets that can be mastered and then used to manage your mind when performing
  • 6 Tools of the Invisible Tool Belt

module 2

be consistent now


  1. Escape Limitations
  2. Focus: Stop Your Wandering Mind
  3. Lock In On Targets
  4. Your Thoughts Have Power, Use Them For An Advantage

what you will learn

  • What truly causes anxiety and stress, and how to effectively release them
  • Defense mechanisms that could prolong your shooting problems
  • How the type of conversations you have with fellow shooters and your instructor can either help or hinder your game
  • 6 Channels of Conscious Mind
  • The many different causes of a distracted mind and lack of focus
  • •ear based thinking: worries, doubts, regrets, negative expectations
  • How your body reacts to fear and its immediate effects on your performance
  • Skills to eliminate your fear based thinking

module 3

focused + proficient: skills to get you there


  1. The Focus Loop: 4 Step Process
  2. Ah, The Calm, Quiet Mind: Why Complaining And Avoiding Doesn’t Work
  3. Proficiency And Peak Performance: 6 Elements You Must Have
  4. Unstoppable: Positive Thinking And Visualization Used Effectively

what you will learn

  • The Focus Loop mental tool
  • Achieving “Better Focus,” the real way
  • Ending your attention deficit
  • How complaining about or avoiding specific situations and certain other shooters can actually be hidden contributor to poor performance
  • Steps towards enjoying shooting again
  • 7 Elements to Peak Performance
  • Most of your competition will work on 1 Element and expect to do well, you will learn the other 6 elements that your winning performance depends upon
  • Building Confidence vs tearing it down... there are many ways to build Confidence beside just winning, you will learn them
  • Proper Positive Thinking and Visualizations, because there are tons of ‘experts’ teaching Positive Thinking and Visualization techniques... much of which doesn’t work or can even set you up for greater disappointment

module 4

consistent + calm when competing


  1. The Miss: Move On Like A Champ
  2. Focus On Being Your Best, Not On Your Score
  3. Consistency: The 5 Skills That Create It
  4. Genuinely Enjoy Being At A Tournament

what you will learn

  • How to efficiently move on after missing
  • Keeping the Pressure and Expectations off when shooting well or when on a streak
  • Confidence is vital ingredient to consistent, long-term performance, so learn to build Confidence no matter what your score is
  • Proper method of Visualizing the results of your previous performance
  • Post-Segment Routine mental skill tool
  • You already know the importance of not being Score or Outcome Focused, I’ll teach you how to actually effectively do it
  • The errors unknowingly built into highly recommended Coping Skills like "just forget about it” or “loosen up and ha fun”
  • • Short Term Improvement from Short Term Coping Skills
  • Long Term Improvement from Long Term Coping Skills
  • Have Fun Again... genuinely, and reap its rewards through better performance

module 5

mental mastery for the competitive shooter


  1. Move In And Out Of The Zone At Will
  2. The Secret Weapon: Better Focus
  3. Shoot Instinctively: Accessing The Subconscious
  4. Partner With Your Mind: The Power Tool For Winning Performance

what you will learn

  • You don’t have to ignore people between stations or pegs in order to stay in the Zone, master powerful mental skills so you can manage your mind through all conversations and comments
  • Clear your mind completely of previous performance before engaging in new actions
  • Set yourself up for success in each new shot with Confidence and Zone Focus
  • How to actually effectively implement the concept of ‘one shot at a time’ or ‘treat each moment as if it is your first’
  • Tools for immediate implementation that will assist you in being your best as frequently as you choose to use them, most importantly between each shot or station
  • Intermission Routine mental skill tool
  • Truth behind Focusing Harder and Focusing Better, how neither of them will work if done improperly
  • Mastery of proper mental skill of Focus
  • Obvious differences between performing from Conscious vs the Subconscious
  • How to train your Conscious Mind to be cooperative and subservient to your Subconscious
  • Truly Trusting and Shooting from your Subconscious
  • Segment Intending mental skill tool
  • Benefits of Believing in Yourself and having Faith
  • How to genuinely experience a profound level of Self-Esteem and Self-Image
  • Mastery over the management of your Self-Esteem, Self-Image and Belief in Yourself

module 6

efficiency achieved: your all encompassing pre-shot routine

what you will learn

  • Pre-Segment Routine mental skill tool
  • How to apply your mental mastery prior to engaging your mechanics or shot
  • All the steps which contribute to you being and performing your best in the moment you are entering into

hypnosis audios

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perform with confidence + in the zone


6 elements to peak performance


16 hypnosis major bundle

  • Seven Essentials To Peak Performance Hypnosis

  • Living The 7 Essentials Hypnosis

  • 6 Channels of the Conscious Mind Hypnosis

  • The Zone Focus Loop Hypnosis

  • Positive Mindset and Visualizations Hypnosis

  • Constructive Reflecting Of Post-Segment Routine Hypnosis

  • Productive Prepping Of Pre-Segment Routine Hypnosis

  • Have Fun Being Your Best Hypnosis

  • 20-Minute Hypnosis for Transformation

  • Clay Shooting: Perform with Confidence and In The Zone Hypnosis

  • Clay Shooting: 6 Elements To Peak Performance Hypnosis

  • Clay Shooting: The Focus Loop Hypnosis

  • Clay Shooting: Plan Prepare & Focus Hypnosis

  • Clay Shooting: PRE Segment Routine, Mount In Front Hypnosis

  • Clay Shooting: Gun Mount in Front Technique Hypnosis

  • Clay Shooting: POST Segment Routine Hypnosis

the focus loop


plan, prepare, + focus


pre segment routine, mount in front


gun mount in front technique


trap shooter gun mount follow through


post segment routine


motivation to make change


20 minute hypnosis for transformation


the zone focus loop


positive mindset + visualizations


have fun being your best


6 channels of the conscious mind


productive prepping of pre segment routine


constructive reflecting of post segment routine


living the 7 essentials


7 essentials to peak performance


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