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Anyone looking for answers in their work or life knows that they don't come easy.  We cannot just pick up a tool we have never seen before and excel at it's performance.  So it is goes with life.  Life is a series of natural and spontaneous experiences and changes.  Whether you are a firm, corporation, leader, or organization I can help.  From a young age, I have had a desire to teach others about the power of the mind and their innate abilities.  Motivational speaking allows me to direct a large-scale audience on the benefits of hypnosis, mental training and positive thinking.  It creates a foundation of self awareness that leads to positive possibilities that are often life-changing.

  • Motivational Speaking engagements usually last up to two hours
  • Tailored to specific needs of your group
  • Personal feel, large scale audience
  • Learn universal laws and positive thinking
  • Remove mental blocks
  • Valuable information that is life changing

"Imaginative, dedicated, committed and creative are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Dawn's gift.  She helps people remove the blocks thus enabling them to find their best self.  Dawn does this by creating a safe space that opens you to the tools that empower you to accept success.  Her creative approach adapts to the needs of her clients.  Dawn helped us make the necessary paradigm shift needed for one of our organization's leadership groups." -Ralph, Eastern US Regional Manager

Are you ready to be inspired?  Invite Dawn to speak at your next function or meeting.

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