Peak Sports Performance

Many athletes know how important the mental aspect of their game is, but most under-estimate the power their thoughts and mindset have over the success of their game. I have found, that, although the concepts of great playing are known, few know how to actually apply or practice them. Athletes find themselves lost between knowledge and implementation. My teachings and mental training techniques start where many others stop. I’ve had the privilege to assist some of the best athletes in the world to improve their game, including PGA & LPGA TOUR Pros. I am also honored to be working with Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy; offering my teachings to the staff and students, assisting in creating an incredibly positive and successful environment for the serious junior golfers who attend from around the world.


WIN: Peak Sports Performance
o How to WIN? Peak your Mental & Mechanical Performance in your Sport
o Acquired & Maintained with Mastery, Presence & Inner Peace


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