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Since 1994, I have been professionally helping people to overcome life's challenges. Enabling them to achieve their goals, obtain personal fulfillment, and live their ideal life. I have an obvious passion for helping others, and with my insight and creative approach I have been able to help thousands fo people to make profound, positive life changes. This impact that has drawn people hundreds of miles to experience private sessions; and has created the opportunity for me to speak and train others nationwide.



My mental training has assisted many athletes, including professional golfers, boxers, baseball players, tennis players, and surfers. No matter what a person desires to improve, I am able to uniquely combine my knowledge of the mind; human tendencies and behaviors; and the utilization of the advanced techniques of hypnosis to help others make remarkable transitions.

  • Private Sessions: In person, by phone or via video calling (Skype/Google Hangout)
  • Workshop/Clinic Instructor: On location
  • Motivational Speaking and Coaching
  • Webinars


As consumers we know how great it is to walk into a business and feel the positive energy of team work, commitment, purpose, confidence, and drive... this is the result of humans working and living efficiently. These attitudes are developed through a person's thoughts and perceptions - about oneself, others, and the company they work for. Imagine a corporate environment filled with employees who want to be there, whose intentions are positive, who possess healthy coping skills, who recognize and appreciate the uniqueness each person brings to the experience, and who have the skills to work and live fully and joyfully... I can help you achieve this.

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